for it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built. ~UNESCO

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Weirdest Waste Management

They either know very less of carbon emission  harmfulness or they are least bothered. The photos clearly shows the darkest (thickest) poisons rising into an environment where human, animals and plants are at galore.

                                                                                   Case Scenario

23rd January 2013, at 10.00 AM BST, a thick smoke enveloped the chuzomsa (Wangdue) to Wangdue LSS road. Black and thick smoke covered the area, even disturbing the visibility. I thought it was coming from a road maintenance site.The cause when seen was from a group of people burning a huge pile of some waste on the Dangchu bank below the army family quarters. Some cars stopped by to see, wonder and resumed their journey. After a while, I heard the most amazingly foolish statement about the fire: A gup (who was on his way to the dzongkhag) inquired   to the dzongkhag administration and the later explained that they were getting rid of some waste from the dzongkhag office. I wondered and felt pity on the decision. Was there no other way to take care of the waste? What happened to the 3 Rs (especially Re-Use and Recycle). This was the weirdest waste management I saw. The darkness of the smoke surely speaks that it is not paper waste but some heavy rubber or plastic waste. Did they ever give the slightest thought of  the clean river sauntering near, the avian live in it, the varied flora and fauna of the vicinity, the residents, the atmosphere and most important- the amount of poisonous gas inhaled by the people doing the deed.

Concerned people should consider such acts as unlawful and improper. And The planners ought to find a better way of waste management. Green talks are useless if the outcome is this...

The decision (whoever is responsible) is very DISGUSTING!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Get Inspired!

Inspiration works magic and we need a lot of inspiration to move on in life. So get inspired and live great!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Prayers from the Heart

May all sentient beings live in peace and harmony,
devoid of suffering through lessened desires.
May the words of the great Buddha,
spread wide and far,
lighting the lives and hearts of all.
May the world be a better place,
with love and peace!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Green Global Gifts III

Fight Against Endangering the Endangered!

We think there is abundance infinity of everything in nature which is juxtaposed to the scarce resources we are left with. The natural resources take time to regain or regrow and at the current pace of exploitation, there is minimal chances of regrowth...but extinction of various species is vulnerable. People think money is the ultimate resource. If nature collapses it is pure nothingness, though your wallets are thick. 
Thus it is more than the right time to understand the intricacy of nature and conserve it, using it in a sustainable way. One simple step is to minimize our luxurious desires.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A letter to my Valued Visitors

courtesy: Google images
Dear valued visitors/readers:

I would like to inform you all that I'm renaming my blog as Peace and Sustainability. Henceforth, I'll focus more on promotion of peace and a sustainable future. I aspire to write on Environmental themes, Heritage preservation and promotion, Nature, Living in harmony as well as cultivation of peace... and much more themes on bringing a positive change. There are many teachers on board who write on educational matters but few discuss our advantageous context of educating for a culture of peace and sustainable future. As teachers, we have the advantage of spreading a wider awareness. I would like to thank UNESCO for letting me realize this. I pledge to work towards fighting against endangering the endangered and make the world a better place, in my own limited competency and community.
I look forward to your continued support and join me in passing on the legacy.  You can send articles/photos etc on the aforementioned broad themes to

Towards a greener peaceful world!

Green Global Gifts II

Fight against Endangering the Endangered!
Do you have birds in your community? Do you value their presence? 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Green Global Gifts I

                                Fight against Endangering the Endangered, Be a responsible human being!

The world is facing constant global threats and our earth is suffering. Climate change, loss of culture, environment degradation, sustainability issues are looming. Starting today I will post pictures with messages on Environment, Sustainability and Global issues with a hope to create awareness.

I look forward to let you contemplate on your presence as well as your deeds in this world, when you see the photo. I post the pictures as a gift to you and our mother earth. Thus, I titled it Green Global Gifts.

Draw your own conclusions from the photos and spread the noble messages. Let us create a difference in our own small ways...all we need is a second thought, a little effort  and a little sacrifice to make our world a better place to live for now and then.

School Policy Document

The policy document was endorsed through a series of general meeting in 2012. As an author, I am proud to share it here.

Please Click here and comment...

Education for a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Future I

30 teachers from 15 dzongkhags and 29 schools came together to make a difference by attending a special workshop on Education for a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Future. Organized by the Bhutan National Commission for UNESCO and funded by Korean National Commission for UNESCO, the workshop took the participants through Education for International Understanding. Some of the important areas covered were: 
1. EIU pedagogies
2. Learning to Live together
3. Global and Local awareness
4. Child Rights
5. Waste Management
6. Education for Sustainable Development
7. Heritage in Young Hands
8. GNH and EIU Integration

The workshop went live for 3 days where participants were given information and the skills to implement the knowledge acquired in their schools. On the third day, Aum Sangay Zam, Education Secretary, graced the closing ceremony.
The teachers would take the workshop to schools through SBIP and formation of UNESCO clubs. 
* A comprehensive report by Mr. Udhim Subba, VP of Pakshikha MSS, Chukha, would come up soon. Till then pardon me for the vague report.