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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids these days...

Dorji (name changed) and Tshering are classmates and room-mates too. What happened to these boys is visible around the schools these days. They fought over a petty reason and boxed each other. In the event, Dorji lost one of his teeth and he reported the case to the school. When the two juveniles were questioned, both were at fault. Moreover, Dorji was the one who started the fight. Dorji demanded Tshering to replace his tooth.
Parents were called and Dorji's father also demanded the same. Due to some reason, Tshering's parent could not come. Tshering was a student as well as a parent for himself. His father is taken in by the creepy claws of alcohol and Tshering gets very less support from him. He works on various manual jobs during the breaks and looks out for himself.

The matter was discussed in depth and upon much discussion, we agreed to resolve the problem in such a way that both students will receive punishment according to school rules and the "tooth replacement" was waived off.

Funny and serious at the same time...
Students cannot be blamed for all this. Something is surely wrong somewhere... we need to VIEW it with some serious mind.