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Monday, November 18, 2013

A moment to remember

Two of my class XA students requested me to come to the class for some discussion.  And I find some time and visit the class with a notion that they had some doubts to clear.
The most shockingly unexpected thing happened when a girl represented the class and expressed words of gratitude to me. They also took the trouble to print a large sized class photo with an elaborate frame attached to it and presented it to me. I was out of words when they thanked me for all the love and care I showered upon them. The guidance and the teaching too.
I thanked them and promised to keep the token with me at all times. I also said some words of advice for their life. I was really touched by their love and gratitude.
As a teacher, I'm overwhelmed to be in this situation and it gives me the greatest pleasure.
Thank you dear students, it is truly a moment to remember!