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Friday, January 17, 2014

Of Flying Gods and Goddessess: Lhading Goenpa

*Anecdote of my Trip to Lhading, Paro*
16 January,2014

Lhading is some 25 km of rough ride from Drugyel dzong. It is a privately owned lhakhang and very sacred. According to local legend, a Sacha lama had a dream of flying gods and goddesses (thus the name Lhading which means flying/hovering gods and goddesses) above a lake. Thus the saint visited the place that he saw in his auspicious dream. As in the dream, there was a lake (the present location of the temple). So it was a divine prophesy that he should built a lhakhang over the lake. The present lhakhang is supposed to be built over a lake. The main statues consists of a Jow, Buddha and Chenrigzig. The temple biography states that all these statues were sculptured in Tibet and brought there. Also, the Buddha and Chenrigzig statues are supposed to be made of a very precious metal (much precious than gold). The Jow is supposed to be a wish fulfilling statue and it is said that the statue showed various auspicious and supernatural signs and manifestations. 

 The temple also has a huge Chow poti (sacred book). It is believed that if one can lift and hold it over one's head, your sins will be cleansed. (I did it but with much effort). More, there are five statues known as Ringas and amongst them, one is a sung joenma statue ( a stutue who spoke). The account mentioned herein are translated from the local lama's explanation on the temple. Lhading is a sacred and isolated gonpa that one shouldn't miss if you visit Paro. But, a word of caution- you should ride a pickup or a hilux or any other off-road vehicle as the road gets tricky and bumpy as you cross Drugyel dzong.