for it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built. ~UNESCO

Thursday, May 21, 2015

WAR: Worst Human Stupidity!

War is the worst consequence of human stupidity and has destructed the world more than any other man-made cause The funniest part of war is that on most occasions the innocent die. I condemn war in amy form and I don't have the drive to write more on war. I present an explanation of war  in 3 categories.

1. Tools of Destruction
 Human revolution would have advanced so much if the brains used to invent these tools were put into making other useful tools. These deadly tools of mass destruction aided the stupidity of humans and accelerated the impact of war. War devastation rates doubled every time a new tool of war was introduced. We all remember the unfortunate cities of Japan from the atom bombings.

  2. At War We are Sadly Silly...
People fight for silly egoistic (and mostly individual based) reasons and kill each other. Two soldiers fighting from the two sides have no differences and reasons to kill each other. So war is sad deaths for silly reasons. The amount of destruction and shattered lives that a war can create is unimaginable. 

 3. And is War for "Their Name Liveth for Evermore"?
So is war a way to engrave your name forever etched in the walls of war memorials? War boils down to killing, conquering, capturing, ambushing, torturing, destroying, bombing, fighting and ending peace. And where in the world does one find Glory in this list. I feel you go back to the earth in an unearthly manner and before time. War is not glory but one human killing the other inhumanely. You gain no glory but a name on the wall which gets a plastic poppy once a year and few gazes.

I CONDEMN War-you should too,
I EMBRACE Peace-you should too,
War is UGLY
 Peace is Peacefully Beautiful-achievable too!

* The photos in the post were taken at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I am Here Because You Were There, Ama

I can’t remember all but I know
the painful journey you’d
the long months and years of endurance

I am aware
of the sleepless nights you’d
my endless cries and tantrums

I also realize
how I’ld have resisted eating
and asked for what wasn’t there

I can imagine
the stress and concern you’d
of my health and growth

I remember vividly
how you held my hands
and your warm shower of love and care

I can’t forget
the sacrifices you’ld make
for me and mine

I recall with gratitude
how you’ld bathe, cream
And get me dressed

I still miss dearly
the mornings before school
when I had you to get ready

I can feel and sense
the aroma of warm food
and the sense of safety you provided

I also admit
that I can’t write everything you’ve done
but I remember and cherish all

I thank you
for I am here
because you were there, Ama

I thank you Ama
with prayers for your health and happiness
for your longest life and peace! 

*Ama : Mother/Mum in Dzongkha