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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Result Time,2012

This post contains consolidated result of all classes who appeared the Annual Examinations, 2012 at Samtengang MSS. I would like to take the privilege of congratulating the successful students and I would like to pray for a better test the next time for unsuccessful students.

To see your result click on your class link and wait for the result to be uploaded.

Class IX F


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Forbidden Bridge

Running hasty river beneath,
a narrow bridge spanning above,
a  bridge not trodden
forbidden was her presence.

The river flows endless,
she spans proudly,
Only to be traversed by none,
but the whooshing  breeze.

Legend envelopes the great bridge,
and the green thicket across,
of lost souls,
and mysterious deaths,
history of the angry local deity,
the feared and revered myth,
rules every mind,
forbidding the forbidden!

N.B: The poem is written based on oral history about the bridge at Gasa Hot Spring and like in the poem, it is a forbidden bridge. The history has accounts of mysterious missing people and deaths too.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cold Warmth of the Mountains

                                                     I drive a dusty bumpy bouncy road,
with gurgling brooks,
and milky splashy waterfalls galore.
mountains towering above,
steep cliffs situate along,
amid trees of assorted blush,
an autumn tint in air.

Birds chirping and butterflies hovering,
squirrels skittering and an eagle scanning
the mighty river flowing below.

Even more…
a caravan of strong mules
laden with varied loads.
nature crafting music,
too soft for the rattling car.
The dust envelopes,
and disappears-with the cold wind.

I drive this enchanted realm,
70 miles alone and alien,
I reach an isolated school,
beautiful yet lonely- the buildings modern,
and the setting innate,
amidst fresh mountain breeze,
bamboo groves too,
oak trees with falling leaves,
whistling thrushes slipping away,
unfamiliar tweeting birds,
I felt the mountain love.

My host was warm,
as his room was,
with smoke chimneying,
from the burning hearth.

Dusk visits soon,
and darkness follows suite,
A candle lights up
the water  burbles,
in the big pot on the bukhari.
The delicious dinner,
served by faithful friend’s wife,
a sumptuous share taken.

Time fleets,
with reminiscences revisited.
The candle succumbs to the flame,
to be replaced by a new stick.
The dim room fills with laughter and life.

In this wintry place,
blessed by the untainted mountain beauty,
and my friend’s hospitality,
with the warm hearth,
and the thick heavy blankets too,
I felt the cold warmth of the mountains!!!