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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sunday is Family Day

I read somewhere that Sunday is Family day and I thought it is true. Yet with only Sunday to do all personal things, it is difficult to achieve this ambitious truth. It is very important to spend time with our family as this quality periods leads to a strong family bonding. On the other side, we have hobbies, shoppings, personal ventures, social lives etc. However, we ought to try and adjust time to spend with our family. For me, I usually organise outings in the form of picnics, rides, walks and excursions. Whenever I ponder upon these ideas and try to adjust family time I remember Passu Diary's genuine suggestion to close schools on Saturdays as well.

These photos are from our recent Sunday picnic to Soenagatshel in Punakha.  We packed lunch and picked up snacks before we drove up to the spot. My kids love this spot as they can play in the river (a small diverted part of the mighty Mochhu river). They can spend hours in it.

I recommend the spot for a nice family picnic. The place is beautiful and peaceful too. It is about 2 minutes drive from Changyuel Zam after you turn left immediately after the bridge. You drive straight until you reach a gate. On some days you can drive in if the gate is open but mostly you have to walk from the gate. The riverside ground is well maintained with occasional trees to provide us the cool shade that we need in order to escape the scorching Punakha sun. You can also enjoy a good walk up the road.