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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


An extraordinary student who is as humble as you can expect.  Sherub Dorji is a  who loves learning... He reads and writes so much that time is a boundary for him. In recognition of his zest and ability, he was awarded with the title of "Golden Youth" during the 2012 Golden Youth Award. A student with typical student morals and virtues. He is a quintessential example of "Learning is an adventure". 

Why not humility?

Mr. Sherub Dorji is a class X graduate of Samtengang MSS, hailing from a simple home in Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang. He has seldom traveled from his hometown, yet the vivid expressions he gives and the vocabulary  he possess is beyond admirstion. Sherub is an excellent student- academically as well as personally. Humility is his best quality. A voracious reader, (rumours state that he finished reading a school's whole library) and a silent student who tops across all subjects best describes Sherub. He never hesitates to learn. The way he leads a student's life is commendable and rewarding. The only Achilles heels Sherub has is his introvert nature but Sherub is trying his best to overcome this tiny hindrance. Without this, he is an exemplary student, a son desired by every parent, a student inspiring every teacher, a perfect citizen of a nation. Beyond books, he enjoys the intricacies of nature and whiles away his time in writing. At class X, the way he writes is far advanced than a university grad.

Sherub's extraordinary capability was recognized and a life changing event occurred  during the Golden Youth Award in 2012. Among 80 best of the best students from across the country and after vigorous exercises, Sherub came out victorious as the Golden Youth Award winner 2012. His confidence doubled after this experience (as I observed personally)

...on a hike where we enjoyed and learnt a lot  from  Sir Karma W, a person who always inspired me.
Back at the school, students and teachers are expecting more from Sherub. We are confident that he would top the Class X examinations of 2012. When asked, with a smile, he says that his best effort would be given to achieve this great goal.

The most amazing magic Sherub conveyed to me was when he said this line: I would like to be a language teacher (like you sir). These words were so inspiring and rewarding for a very ill experienced teacher who did so less for him yet inspired him. When such things happen in a teacher's life, happiness and tears prevail, all for the best. We feel exhilarated and pledge to do more in life. 

I also feel that there would be many Sherubs in the smallest havens of our country and we pray that the nation to be filled with Sherubs.

I wish Sherub the best wishes in life. and I am confident that he would bring light into his own life as well as in the lives of many.
... and the rain was an added  adventure.

As I teacher, when we meet such promising students, we feel lifted and inspired to be more...