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Monday, June 20, 2016

Landscapes from Beautiful Bhutan

Photography is not defined by being a pro or an enthusiast, it is as simple as taking out a camera and capturing that moment-that moment you feel worth taking a click. I take it not as an art as it attaches a lot of weight and restrictions to it. So I call it a passion or simply a drive to capture fleeting moments. To me, Photography is not being hired to be an event photographer or having loads of likes on Facebook. It's the feeling that I feel when I swipe through what I have photographed-the sense of ownership and  satisfaction. So I keep clicking and piling though my hard drives cry of storage shortages and I have everything from everything that I cherish.

In this post, I share few of my favourite landscapes from #Bhutan. All the photos were taken since January 2016 with #canon70D and #tamron16-300mm.

Puna- tsangchhu and the rice bowls of Lobesa. 
Aerial view of a heavenly hamlet in Paro. This photo is very special as it was a nostalgic view of my Bhutan
 after 2 long years apart from it.

Another aerial view of a lhakhang in Paro

Paro Rimpung and its wintry vicinity

The mighty Himalayan range as viewed from Dochula

Lamprey Lake

Sha Kaebjikha- a village in Wangdiphodrang


Sha Wacher and beyond as viewed from Phabchusa 

Gaetoed- my village house in Wangdiphodrang

Closer view of Wachey and wachey dzong in the far left 
Chimi lhakhang and the fields in early spring as seen from Lobesa LSS

Chimi Lhakhang and chimi pangna as seen from Lobesa LSS 

Walakha as zoomed from Lobesa LSS

Khotokha primary school as viewed from Dolung Goemba

The coolest basketball court in Khotokha Primary School
The vast Kathang of Khotokha 
The golden hue of Khotokha Kathang 

Chimi lhakhang and beyond as zoomed from Tshochasa 

A closer one...

The other side
Walk and the paddy fields as seen from Tshochasa