for it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built. ~UNESCO

Friday, April 24, 2015

Autumn’s Futility

Flowers blossom in spring
but leaves flower in autumn
painting gold and saffron
brown- red and pink too.

Then comes the whistling gush
bursting with chill and vigor
How heavenly colours
dance their way down.

And dyes the ground
to find the lover’s spectacle
and the painter’s inspiration
for it’s a musing muse.

Those last shades-clinging
swaying weakly and ready to fall
Yet so beautiful and patient
waits for the passing wind.

They sail down in joy 
but to wither and rot
Winter’s coming
and summer’s not faraway!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ode to my Wrathful Wrath!

The Tasmanian Devil is well known for it's ill temper and aggression
Please don’t test my wrath,
for I turn a devil.
My wrath is my madness.
I hate it, 
I ain’t kindling it-abhorred disgust,
still it embraces me.
When in wrath,
I forget everything,
and turn a brainless being.
Neither the past, nor the future-I contemplate.
But I do feel and recall,
that shameless moment,
that stupid instance,
and repent for ceaseless hours.
My wrath is my madness.
I denounce you,
yet you come back-so easily.
And hurt me and mine!
Huh! I despise you,
you had your part from me,
unwelcomingly accompanied me.
Now you may leave-Forever!
and present me with love and peace.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't wait for UNESCO, Everyone is Responsible

Pretty often we wait for someone to do something for everyone. Everyone is aware that the world is battling a new global problem every single day and it is fighting a losing battle against numerous impending issues. The issues are so pertinent that the mere sustainability of our planet has become a big question.  I am not explaining the global issues here because we have so many problems that it is nearly impossible for me to explain it in one post. To mention few that we are facing are Anthropocene, Climate change, Sustainability, Safe Drinking Water, Hunger, Gender Equality, Human Rights and the list is endless. UNESCO is one global organisation that strives to fight global issues and they are doing their best. However, we can't wait for UNESCO or some other organisations alone to confront these global challenges. You, me and everyone is responsible and ought to challenge these challenges in our small ways. We don't have to do something big to live responsibly and we don;t even need a lot of sacrifices. Living responsibly is as simple as switching your bedroom lights off while you are in the living room or even sorting our garbage and reusing plastic bags. If we all lived responsibly, the combined effort would be so powerful that we will be able to save our planet for eons to come. 

Truth: Peace is achievable and sustainable living/development is possible!

Video Courtesy: UNESCO website. Available at