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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ode to my Wrathful Wrath!

The Tasmanian Devil is well known for it's ill temper and aggression
Please don’t test my wrath,
for I turn a devil.
My wrath is my madness.
I hate it, 
I ain’t kindling it-abhorred disgust,
still it embraces me.
When in wrath,
I forget everything,
and turn a brainless being.
Neither the past, nor the future-I contemplate.
But I do feel and recall,
that shameless moment,
that stupid instance,
and repent for ceaseless hours.
My wrath is my madness.
I denounce you,
yet you come back-so easily.
And hurt me and mine!
Huh! I despise you,
you had your part from me,
unwelcomingly accompanied me.
Now you may leave-Forever!
and present me with love and peace.

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