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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Finding Life at Bawley Point

This is a collection of photos of our recent visit to Bawley Point on the 19th and 20th of December, 2015.  

Bawley Point is a small coastal haven in New South Wales, Australia. It is not a usual bustling coastal town and this very quality of the place makes it peaceful and awesome. We were very excited to be invited there by my work director and friend, Geanean,  to her coastal home in Bawley Point. It is a lovely 2 hour drive from Canberra and the journey itself is through the scenic Australian outskirts (although it was too hot for a stopover and sight seeing!). Bawley point is quiet and very relaxing. The hospitality of Geanean and her husband, Peter, made our stay as memorable as we could have dreamt. We saw the beaches and the surrounds of Bawley Point on Saturday. The day concluded with a sumptuous dinner. The conversations we had late into the night were so real and engaging. We had a good break form our Facebook, IG, We Chat etc…

Sunday was late breakfast and off to Ulladalla, a harbour town which is a fair 15 minutes drive from

Bawley Point. The harbour was beautiful and Peter explained how the boats start their journey into the mighty ocean. We were then taken to Hayden’s Pie Shop (The most famous Pie shop in Ulladalla) and the pies were so good that I did a second round. 
It was a lovely lunch with Prawns at Geanean’s place. They taught us the art of peeling and eating the prawns. I loved the prawns! After all this lovely memoirs, it was time to part. We felt very grateful for Geanean and Peter’s warm hospitality. A group photo and then it was goodbye. We were actually saying goodbye for a long time…
The trip was one of our best in Australia and we thank Geanean and Peter for everything. I hope we cross paths in future.
Pretty Beach and beyond.
The elaborate lunch

Geanean and Dema...waiting for the coffee

An interesting slab board!
Geanean loves elephants


Peter is pretty tall

An interesting board in Geanean's living room

Guess what?

This is the best Salmon

Dinner time

Ulladala Boats

Home Time

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Best Farewell Gift

This is a handmade card that was gifted to me by my Director as a farewell gift. It is so beautiful,  intricate and simple that I couldn't stop myself from sharing it here. In an age where cards and letters have become obsolete against endless fancy, expensive, sophisticated, fashionable and readily available gift items, this was one special gift. Thank you for the lovely gifts!