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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My long lost grandpa

On a bumpy humpy road
Had we a dusty ride
Me and myself with me
Rocked the road ahead
Dylan classic present.

Was on to meet- someone special
The road didn’t matter
As the destination was better

An old humped granny
Waved for a lift
he hoped in-banged the door
We bumped a jolty ride
Reek of betel nut
filled my dusty car
Cursed under my lips
on offering the lift
didn’t try to speak 
to sustain the unheavenly odour

Then came my destination
Told granny I’m stopping here
He hurdled out and
Said he lives there too
To my surprise- he was the one
The special one I came to meet
My long lost grandpa...
The shock brought me back
from a deep slumber.