for it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built. ~UNESCO

Thursday, May 31, 2012

World No Tobacco Day, 2012

 Tobacco has all its devilish impacts all the way through medical and religious perspectives. According to Buddhist belief, it is harmful to the three realms- the heavenly realm, the mundane and the underworld. The smoke from tobacco effects the clean air of the realm of gods (Ten-lha-yuel), the spit from the tobacco users disturbs the purity of  the underworld (wog lu yi yuel). And most practical, the use of tobacco affects the world around us. Family members and friends become passive users who are directly suffering. Innocent lives are put to risk in one or the other way.  The list goes on…
From the medical side, Tobacco has a long list of affects. It causes various diseases ranging from breathing difficulties to fatal diseases like cancer.  It does not benefit the health of a person in any ways.
For that, I support Bhutan government in the ban of tobacco business. It curbs the number of tobacco users while the tobacco black market flourishes at the other (darker) side.
I also agree with tobacco users, it’s a human right. One is free to choose at his will and tobacco consumption is not excluded. But, it would be always better if one gets the feel of the deadly effects of tobacco and consider the decision of using or quitting. I also want to bring an interesting point on the effect of tobacco on our pockets. Tobacco consumption is expensive and has become too expensive with the ban in place. Quitting is hard but we should try to do it, ultimately. I remember a popular (oral and laymen) belief when we talk of tobacco. Tobacco was believed to be introduced by a devil  (Duee) . He cursed the Buddha saying that the introduction of tobacco would flourish and affect the state of Buddhism. The devil also cursed the people so that  people will have easy access to tobacco and people will get addicted to tobacco without any struggle or within a short span of time. Tobacco stuffs are also termed due zer which means devil’s food/stuff. Taking this myth into consideration, quitting would be impossible. But a myth is always a myth. You can overcome anything if you put your heart and soul towards it. It is like what our students say-  The word Impossible means I’m possible and nothing is impossible.
As of the people involved in the tobacco black market, the government is doing what needs to be done.  The law should be even more stringent. We are very much happy to what our law makers are doing.  The government can do even more, advocacy is one good way and there are lots more which a simple teacher lacks of.    
The newspapers always keep a column in advance for a news/something related to tobacco either giving a lead on tobacco smuggling or a write up on the tobacco bill. 
I can just say- Please think before you light a cigarette… and think before you make your tobacco ready to be squeezed within your mouth.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Euro 2012 Fixture- Bhutan Standard Time

Football is indeed the beautiful game. Everyone enjoys the game around the globe. EPL and UEFA dominate the leagues in Bhutan but the charm of international cups are always enticing. Lifestyles need to be adjusted. I usually take a nap before 7 PM so as to be awake for the early morning matches, so does many of us.

EURO cup is the most glamorous cup in the world and Bhutan is not spared by its prestige. For 2012, we will be glued to our TV sets from 8th June till 1st July. Poland and Ukraine are up with the last minute preparations, so are the 16 contenders. The first matches will kickoff at 11:00PM BST followed by the early morning kickoff at 1:45AM. All matches will go live on Ten Sports and Ten Action.
 My favourite will be Spain, as always. Experts predict England, Germany and Spain as expected winners. I go for Spain to win the title. They are even better than the last cup with Torres in excellent form and Villa is  going to be back too.
The main motive behind this post is not to expose my likeness for football or Spain but to give out the fixture to my fellow football fans in Bhutan. All time is adjusted to Bhutan Standard Time, at least as far as I could.

Happy Euro 2012!

Euro 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 Group Stage schedule

Euro 2012 Inaugural First Game > Friday > 8th June >  > Poland v Greece >  (11:00pm BST)
Friday > 8th June >  > Russia v Czech Republic >  (01:45am BST 9th June)

Saturday > 9th June >  > Netherlands v Denmark >  (11:00pm BST)
Saturday > 9th June >  > Germany v Portugal >  (01:45am BST 10th June)

Sunday > 10th June >  > Spain v Italy >  (11:00pm BST)

Sunday > 10th June >  > Rep of Ireland v Croatia >  (01:45am BST 11th June)

Monday > 11th June >  > France v England >  (11:00pm BST)
Monday > 11th June >  > Ukraine v Sweden >  (01:45am BST 12th June)

Tuesday > 12th June >  > Greece v Czech Republic >  (11:00pm BST)
Tuesday > 12th June >  > Poland v Russia >  (01:45am BST 13th June)

Wednesday > 13th June >  > Denmark v Portugal >  (11:00pm BST)
Wednesday > 13th June >  > Netherlands v Germany >  (01:45am BST 14th June)

Thursday > 14th June >  > Italy v Croatia >  (11:00pm BST)
Thursday > 14th June >  > Spain v Rep of Ireland >  (01:45am BST 15th June)

Friday > 15th June >  > Sweden v England >  (11:00pm BST)
Friday > 15th June >  > Ukraine v France >  (01:45am BST 16th June)

Saturday > 16th June >  > Czech Republic v Poland
Saturday > 16th June >  > Greece v Russia >  (01:45am BST 17th June)

Sunday > 17th June >  > Portugal v Netherlands
Sunday > 17th June >  > Denmark v Germany >  (01:45am BST 18th June)

Monday > 18th June >  > Croatia v Spain
Monday > 18th June >  > Italy v Rep of Ireland >  (01:45am BST 19th June)

Tuesday > 19th June >  > England v Ukraine
Tuesday > 19th June >  > Sweden v France >  (01:45am BST 20th June)
UEFA Euro 2012 Quarter Final schedule

Thursday > 21st June > A -  > 1st Group A v 2nd Group B
Friday > 22nd June > B -  > 1st Group B v 2nd Group A >  (01:45am BST 23rd June)

Saturday > 23rd June > C -  > 1st Group C v 2nd Group D
Sunday > 24th June > D -  > 1st Group D v 2nd Group C >  (01:45am BST 25th June)

UEFA Euro 2012 Semi Final schedule

Wednesday > 27th June >  > Winner A v Winner C
Thursday > 28th June >  > Winner B v Winner D >  (01:45am BST 29th June)

UEFA Euro 2012 Finale

Sunday > 1st July >  >  (01:45am BST 2nd July)

Monday, May 14, 2012






UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) is a specialised agency of the UN. It was formed to find answers to the key problems that beset our societies in the areas within its competence.
To achieve the aims of UNESCO, clubs are formed around the world. The clubs are educational in character. Three functions of UNESCO clubs are Training, Information, and Action. In essence they mean training of the members, information both for members and for general public, and lastly the action which is essential condition of the club.  The main aim of the clubs are to create more public support and take interest in the activities of the UNESCO organisation, taking initiative in celebrating  the official International Days proclaimed by the UN.

The Samtengang UNESCO club has planned to cater the following (various) programs for 2012. Apart from the club days’ activities, the club will also initiate different educational and informative acts.

List of UNESCO club Activities for the Academic Year 2012

22nd  March
Morning Assembly speech
Club period: Art class on the theme- Water Scarcity and The importance of water
Remind students to bring pencil/colour and paper
PPT presentation on current issues of the world
7th April
-Design posters and banners with health messages
-Focus on Sanitation and Personal Hygiene
-Paste the posters and banners on notice boards
-Screen movie clip on Substance Abuse
- Let students review and pass the message from the movie
Discussion on Gender equality/inequality
Briefing on club exhibition on Waste- An Ugly Truth
Members will work on the exhibition and gear up towards the exhibition on Waste. We tend to cover- basics of waste, Harmful effects of waste, Waste in Bhutan and Waste management. The venue of the exhibition is open (covering the whole area) and will be done through models, posters, banners, artwork, articles etc.
Work  begins on the exhibition
Work  continues on the exhibition
17th May
Work  continues on the exhibition
Work  continues on the exhibition
Work  continues on the exhibition
Exhibition on Waste- An Ugly Truth
Simple Craft
Paper Mache- Demonstration
Making models from unwanted papers
Paper Mache- Each student plans and starts working on their individual model
Theme-Endangered Animals and Birds
Display and Discussion on the models
Discussion on Urbanisation
Mass cleaning
Presentation- 13 crafts of Bhutan
Writing Activity on 13 crafts
-students choose one and write on it
Discussion on Natural Degradation
Essay writing on “human beings are responsible for global warming”
21st September
Debate on Science Vs Religion
Discussion on the changes that science brought to the face of the earth
Essay on the wonders of science
Field Trip to the Tourist camp near the school
-Students will enjoy the flow of nature while taking the trip
-They will clean the area

Reflection on the Field Trip
Movie on Human-Animal Friendship/relationship
-Students will be told to prepare a review of the movie
Presentation of the movie review

Prepared by Sonam Norbu and Dema for UNESCO Club on 19th March 2012

Mr. Sonam Norbu                                              Dema   
Coordinator                                                        Member