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Thursday, May 31, 2012

World No Tobacco Day, 2012

 Tobacco has all its devilish impacts all the way through medical and religious perspectives. According to Buddhist belief, it is harmful to the three realms- the heavenly realm, the mundane and the underworld. The smoke from tobacco effects the clean air of the realm of gods (Ten-lha-yuel), the spit from the tobacco users disturbs the purity of  the underworld (wog lu yi yuel). And most practical, the use of tobacco affects the world around us. Family members and friends become passive users who are directly suffering. Innocent lives are put to risk in one or the other way.  The list goes on…
From the medical side, Tobacco has a long list of affects. It causes various diseases ranging from breathing difficulties to fatal diseases like cancer.  It does not benefit the health of a person in any ways.
For that, I support Bhutan government in the ban of tobacco business. It curbs the number of tobacco users while the tobacco black market flourishes at the other (darker) side.
I also agree with tobacco users, it’s a human right. One is free to choose at his will and tobacco consumption is not excluded. But, it would be always better if one gets the feel of the deadly effects of tobacco and consider the decision of using or quitting. I also want to bring an interesting point on the effect of tobacco on our pockets. Tobacco consumption is expensive and has become too expensive with the ban in place. Quitting is hard but we should try to do it, ultimately. I remember a popular (oral and laymen) belief when we talk of tobacco. Tobacco was believed to be introduced by a devil  (Duee) . He cursed the Buddha saying that the introduction of tobacco would flourish and affect the state of Buddhism. The devil also cursed the people so that  people will have easy access to tobacco and people will get addicted to tobacco without any struggle or within a short span of time. Tobacco stuffs are also termed due zer which means devil’s food/stuff. Taking this myth into consideration, quitting would be impossible. But a myth is always a myth. You can overcome anything if you put your heart and soul towards it. It is like what our students say-  The word Impossible means I’m possible and nothing is impossible.
As of the people involved in the tobacco black market, the government is doing what needs to be done.  The law should be even more stringent. We are very much happy to what our law makers are doing.  The government can do even more, advocacy is one good way and there are lots more which a simple teacher lacks of.    
The newspapers always keep a column in advance for a news/something related to tobacco either giving a lead on tobacco smuggling or a write up on the tobacco bill. 
I can just say- Please think before you light a cigarette… and think before you make your tobacco ready to be squeezed within your mouth.

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