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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Euro 2012 Fixture- Bhutan Standard Time

Football is indeed the beautiful game. Everyone enjoys the game around the globe. EPL and UEFA dominate the leagues in Bhutan but the charm of international cups are always enticing. Lifestyles need to be adjusted. I usually take a nap before 7 PM so as to be awake for the early morning matches, so does many of us.

EURO cup is the most glamorous cup in the world and Bhutan is not spared by its prestige. For 2012, we will be glued to our TV sets from 8th June till 1st July. Poland and Ukraine are up with the last minute preparations, so are the 16 contenders. The first matches will kickoff at 11:00PM BST followed by the early morning kickoff at 1:45AM. All matches will go live on Ten Sports and Ten Action.
 My favourite will be Spain, as always. Experts predict England, Germany and Spain as expected winners. I go for Spain to win the title. They are even better than the last cup with Torres in excellent form and Villa is  going to be back too.
The main motive behind this post is not to expose my likeness for football or Spain but to give out the fixture to my fellow football fans in Bhutan. All time is adjusted to Bhutan Standard Time, at least as far as I could.

Happy Euro 2012!

Euro 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 Group Stage schedule

Euro 2012 Inaugural First Game > Friday > 8th June >  > Poland v Greece >  (11:00pm BST)
Friday > 8th June >  > Russia v Czech Republic >  (01:45am BST 9th June)

Saturday > 9th June >  > Netherlands v Denmark >  (11:00pm BST)
Saturday > 9th June >  > Germany v Portugal >  (01:45am BST 10th June)

Sunday > 10th June >  > Spain v Italy >  (11:00pm BST)

Sunday > 10th June >  > Rep of Ireland v Croatia >  (01:45am BST 11th June)

Monday > 11th June >  > France v England >  (11:00pm BST)
Monday > 11th June >  > Ukraine v Sweden >  (01:45am BST 12th June)

Tuesday > 12th June >  > Greece v Czech Republic >  (11:00pm BST)
Tuesday > 12th June >  > Poland v Russia >  (01:45am BST 13th June)

Wednesday > 13th June >  > Denmark v Portugal >  (11:00pm BST)
Wednesday > 13th June >  > Netherlands v Germany >  (01:45am BST 14th June)

Thursday > 14th June >  > Italy v Croatia >  (11:00pm BST)
Thursday > 14th June >  > Spain v Rep of Ireland >  (01:45am BST 15th June)

Friday > 15th June >  > Sweden v England >  (11:00pm BST)
Friday > 15th June >  > Ukraine v France >  (01:45am BST 16th June)

Saturday > 16th June >  > Czech Republic v Poland
Saturday > 16th June >  > Greece v Russia >  (01:45am BST 17th June)

Sunday > 17th June >  > Portugal v Netherlands
Sunday > 17th June >  > Denmark v Germany >  (01:45am BST 18th June)

Monday > 18th June >  > Croatia v Spain
Monday > 18th June >  > Italy v Rep of Ireland >  (01:45am BST 19th June)

Tuesday > 19th June >  > England v Ukraine
Tuesday > 19th June >  > Sweden v France >  (01:45am BST 20th June)
UEFA Euro 2012 Quarter Final schedule

Thursday > 21st June > A -  > 1st Group A v 2nd Group B
Friday > 22nd June > B -  > 1st Group B v 2nd Group A >  (01:45am BST 23rd June)

Saturday > 23rd June > C -  > 1st Group C v 2nd Group D
Sunday > 24th June > D -  > 1st Group D v 2nd Group C >  (01:45am BST 25th June)

UEFA Euro 2012 Semi Final schedule

Wednesday > 27th June >  > Winner A v Winner C
Thursday > 28th June >  > Winner B v Winner D >  (01:45am BST 29th June)

UEFA Euro 2012 Finale

Sunday > 1st July >  >  (01:45am BST 2nd July)

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  1. i will be doomed with Portugal ends up getting the trophy....Cristiano can do anything on his day..