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Saturday, May 9, 2015

I am Here Because You Were There, Ama

I can’t remember all but I know
the painful journey you’d
the long months and years of endurance

I am aware
of the sleepless nights you’d
my endless cries and tantrums

I also realize
how I’ld have resisted eating
and asked for what wasn’t there

I can imagine
the stress and concern you’d
of my health and growth

I remember vividly
how you held my hands
and your warm shower of love and care

I can’t forget
the sacrifices you’ld make
for me and mine

I recall with gratitude
how you’ld bathe, cream
And get me dressed

I still miss dearly
the mornings before school
when I had you to get ready

I can feel and sense
the aroma of warm food
and the sense of safety you provided

I also admit
that I can’t write everything you’ve done
but I remember and cherish all

I thank you
for I am here
because you were there, Ama

I thank you Ama
with prayers for your health and happiness
for your longest life and peace! 

*Ama : Mother/Mum in Dzongkha

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  1. Loved this verse for your beautiful mother. It reminded me very much of my mother also. Mothers are in fact the earthly manifestation of our own God - it's how I see and believe too. :)