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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Photo courtesy: Bird Sherub Uwice

I pity you,
for you'r associated with evil.
I envy you,
for you'r cute.

I wonder and scratch my brains out,
the reason for the tag you bear.
But I admire you,
for you'r charming,
And you stand distinct.
Your eyes marvel my sight.

Why? I speculate,
for your image is ugly,
for most souls.
Yet- you'r splendid,
The eyes, face  and the eccentricity,
holds genuineness.

So fly…my cute ugly beauty,
And fail the dishonor that holds you,
to stay concealed and be unnoticed,
And be eternally delightful.
Let us be astounded and wanting
by your grace and uniqueness.


  1. A great poem, well imagined.

  2. interesting......and this poem really is a cute ugly beauty,,,:)

  3. Thanks Sogyel...Took a long time to update my blog.