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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Every Child Needs a Teacher II : Global Action Week in Samtengang Middle Secondary School

As observed by UNESCO club…
Realizing the need to act and with many goals set, the UNESCO club of Samtengang participated in the Global Action Week (GAW) 2013. We started off with a comprehensive information dissemination activity where the club read, discussed and learnt the global scenarios, issues and statistics. The silence of realization at the end of this meeting was what made us to feel deeply and commit ourselves to react. So we planned on observing GAW in our own small ways. 

Our immediate decision was to put up an awareness show. We discussed thoroughly on the activity and targeted to achieve a huge list of objectives. We wanted the school to know the ground facts pertaining to teacher shortage, right to education, world statistics and teacher issues. Even more, we wanted to let it be widely seen and understood and more… So we started working day in and out to put up the show. Books referred, poems composed, quotations quoted, drawings created and everything was done to reach out our voice. To work closely in line with the theme and to fulfill our aims, we divided the activity under four broad categories- Importance of Teachers, Benefits of Education, Attracting, Developing and Retaining Teachers and General Global Information on Education for All and right to education. Groups were formed under each category and each specialized group went all over to get facts, figures and compose words of inspiration.
After much struggle and dedication, we put up the show in the Biology lab of the school on 25th April. It was a dream come true for the club. The show opened with warm acceptance and participation from the students and staff of the school. Satisfied and proud was what went through us.

Literacy Status Appraisal in Samtengang community was our main event for GAW. This activity required more time and resources. We dedicated much effort towards conducting the appraisal which would give us facts and figures that would enable us to sensitize on the global theme of Education for All (EFA). The appraisal was conducted among the households of Nyisho and Gyelakha village, aimed to figure out the literacy status of the community along with their knowledge on teaching profession and other educational aspects. Through the appraisal we aim to bring out a comprehensive literacy status so that we can create awareness campaigns on EFA. Through the appraisal we aspired to:
1.      Collect figures on literacy level in the community
2.      Gather reasons for dropping schools or not being in school
3.      Find out the status of teaching profession in the community
4.      Figure out people’s knowledge on child right and quality education
5.      Analyze and use the information to create awareness on EFA, right for education and teacher importance/gap

With positive intentions, the club packed their lunch, carried the survey forms and embarked on a noble cause,  to collect the data. We went to each household and explained our mission in depth and detail. The students did a great job in collecting the information. Our voice was heard loud and clear. The villagers cooperated with us and participated actively. Some even offered tea and snacks to us. Many agreed to the global facts and issues. We could see their understandings through the responses. Few regretted for dropping schools and a lot of them decided to send their children to school when they attain the right age. From the study we learnt that very few people in the villages know about child rights and teacher profession. They had no/very less idea on quality of education, student teacher ratio etc. These revelations made us to commit more. Definitely, we will compile and analyze the data. We are still working on it and once we are through with the report, we are planning to go back to the villages once more. This time, backed by facts and figures, we hope to do more. School dropout and importance of teachers to deliver quality education are two grounds on which we would raise awareness.  With all these wonderful findings, dusk showed us the time to return to our stations…
Satisfied and committed to do more!

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