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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Letter That Inspired me to Be More

Exploring the amazing wilderness of Samtengang

This letter was written to me through a mobile 'sms' in February 2012 by a former yet special student. The letter lifted my spirits beyond boundaries. Love, joy and satisfaction filled the air and I pledged to be more. I believed in myself that I too can be an agent of change. Thank you Sherub for making me realize...Sherub, I wish you everything you desire. You were an exemplary student with all the qualities of a WOW student. Keep it up and continue to make us proud!!!

February, 2012
My Dearest Sir,                  

I have always looked upon you as my brother and mentor. You are my Robin Sharma because of the life lessons you have taught me: I look upon my life as a gift, everyday, and I know you have taught me that. Of course, you were simply the best English teacher I ever had. And you made me the more special by your treasurable concern and care for me. Students need more teachers like you, sir. You inspire: I have set my goal on being an ideal teacher for one reason, and I hope that sir know it. And too, I simply value this profession because of the positive motivations you gave me. As I feel every word you have said over the years we have been together, as not just formal teacher-student but also as brothers come true, I do wish you will be my teacher for longer. I know that you have planned to give me all those Robin Sharma books as prizes. Thank you, sir. These books have caused me to change to a better man and a loyalee. You have given me a zeal for language; all those mindless hours we spent together in your office(if that is right), you pouring forth valuable lessons and me listening like a cynic! I will always treasure these times. I know I will, sir.

And it is the same with Madam. I have always looked on her as the sister I never had albeit she was the most understanding and cleverest maths teacher I ever had.

My words are not dry; I have a thousand emotions stirring in me, and it is gratitude and unbridled love I feel as I etch these words on my heart. I know I can't always be dependent and shy as I have been. Sir, your words give me hope, confidence and most fundamentally, humility atop humanity. I sincerely thank you for all what you have done to me. I promise, as your ex-student and as a brethren, that I will always be the Sherub you and madam knew. I know I was not the best student, but more important, you are my best role model of teachers, and an exemplary couple! Pardon my informality, and forgive the offence, sir. My heart speaks; my joy for you is boundless, and most crucial, please do not take my words as dry words. I mean every single one of them, and you can trust me for that, sir. "Just one of your true students. You are a real teacher, and thank you all the more for that. I am really sorry for living below your expectation, but I will never forget the true ordeal you aspire for me. I will try. Thank you for everything, sir.   

Your Student:
Sherub Dorji
Class X, 2012

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