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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Students Brawling: Today’s Disappointing Scene

Students look alike...when they forget their values

I was going to class after the assembly but a scene of great pandemonium distracted me. Some girls were shouting from the class 7B windows and informing me about a violent fight in their class.  Immediately I rushed to the scene and to my irritating surprise, 2 boys were fighting like violent UFC fighters. I asked them to stop but they continued exhibiting their animal instincts.  The scene has transformed the educational room into a battlefield.  The 2 boys boxing each other like arch enemies and the others screaming. Some even climbed on the Windows as tables and chairs were falling all over and the boys were literally chasing, grappling and hitting each other mercilessly.
I don't know how you'll react but I lost my cool. I punished them and gave them a ten minute standing counseling.The reason was so stupid. It was about a book. I told them to differentiate between animals and humans.  I even asked whether fight skills were taught in any of their subjects.

I felt awful.... for punishing them and moreover, to see our students give in to their worst instincts juxtaposed to GNH values taught and learnt every day. 

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