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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Explorers and Posers of the Divine Madman's Valley

Lobesa is truly a blessed valley and it is the heart of the Divine Madman's blessed places- almost everything here is blessed by Lam Drukpa Kuenley. I'm also sure that one will not see as many 'Phalluses' as you can see here.

Apart from all these divinity, Lobesa is one of the most beautiful rice bowls of Bhutan. The paddy fields offer cascading treats to the onlookers. There is more than meets the eye when you begin to take some time to walk those endless terraced fields. I'm lucky that I live close to the fields and the fields offer our family the perfect evening walks-my kids love it too. 
Birds, reptiles, butterflies, prayerflags, stupas, insects, varied grasses, crops, boulders, a  brook (though its highly polluted), a fish farm, domestic animals, trees, soothing breeze, even a "drup-chu' (holy water) and of course photographs are few of the many addictive adventures that the blessed land offers to the Explorers and Posers!

* Photos from toady's (June 1, 2017) hour long walk.

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