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Thursday, July 14, 2011


 want to live happy in life...  everybody dreams the same around the orb. I too believe in it. But what is happiness? Where is happiness? How can we have happiness? Do we need to embark on a sacred journey to a farfetched heavenly mountain to attain happiness? 
Happiness is a state which can be achieved by everyone, starting from the poorest and most unfortunate.  It comes in to our lives every moment if you let it. I would say it is very easy to control or get it.
The era we live in is an era of unhappiness. How can we be happy if we want for more and more? I simply believe that happiness is achieved when you are content.  A man owning a sedan will not be happy with a sedan if he dreams to buy a SUV. Our desires, i mean human desires are in a way awful. If you have this, your desire wants that. Our desire, worldly desires shuts the curtain between happiness and our life. Unless you say that it is ENOUGH, happiness will walk in front of us, not along with us. The word enough is said only to pain but you completely take it out of your vocabulary when it comes to your desires.
Observe a child presented with a fluffy toy, his reaction is immense and he is very happy indeed. Now, the same child loses his toy, look at him wailing. Happiness is a state of mind, a light state which takes the flight of the fastest wings; it is momentary. From the child’s instance, I want to convey that you must let go sometimes or quite often. Life is a journey and if you doom yourself over long gone things, it will be hard to attain happiness. You lose your dear ones and obviously you are sad but you must also know that your sadness is not going to get them back. All in all letting go some instances in life and limiting your desires will float you nearer to Happiness.
We live in a fast changing world where things take a great pace. We work a lot. Happiness is also determined by work sometimes. If you love your work, you will be happy. When you are happy, you work well and make others happy. In this matter, you are becoming a guide taking other people towards happiness. Love your work and you will be happy.
Thus, I make a point of message that you live happy if you let ill thoughts drain out of your mind and always be satisfied with what you have. I am neither a philosopher of great knowledge nor a happiness therapist, I am a mere human being in search of ...I want to live happy in life...

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  1. I think a crucial part of happiness is accepting the state of emotion you are in. You mention loss of family. Find one person who may rejoice at the death of a close relative. Our natural reactions don't always allow happiness to thrive. Therefore, obtaining happiness is not possible, simply because it is not an achievement or even a consistent state of being. Like you say, it is fleeting. Therefore, accepting our emotions and being able to reflect on how we are feeling, what we are doing, and the things that do bring happiness is key to, in fact, feel happiness at a quicker interval than those who only want more.