for it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built. ~UNESCO

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am a monk

I am a monk
Living in a divine state
Fate brought me to a mundane world
I’ve rose red robes
Which adorn me
Like a beautiful flower

I chant and pull the rosary
I’ve been chanting prayers
Prayers for all sentient beings

I... oh! I should’ve been
Been the same
Till I saw you my beautiful lady
You are indeed charming
Like a crystal jewel

You, my fair lady
Have immense power
A strength of a lion
A beauty comparable to an angel
I am all yours
Ready to leave my robes
Ready to keep away my rosary
                                                               Ready to be lost in you


  1. I wonder what percentage leave the monkhood for this very reason

  2. Oh... Poor monk, should ask them to be dedicated.