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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Misfortune, hard luck, and bad luck strike me…

The recent days were not at all good for me. I had consistent misfortunes these days. On October 6, I lost my wallet and I cannot recall how and where I lost it. I am not sad for the cash lost but I lost many things along with it. I lost my driving licence, identity card, voter card, bankcards, ATM cards, spare key for my car and photos. There was also a very old photo of my parents in the lost wallet. This is the first time that I lost my purse. 

On October 7, I went down to Wangdue to report on my lost licence and ATM and again, trouble struck me. I was giving way to the truck coming from the other way when a Maruti car hit me from behind. It hit my car twice, crushing my rear bumper. I got out and investigated the damage caused and to my little luck, the damage was not extensive.  The accident damaged the Maruti car beyond easy repair; most of the engine parts were affected. He would have to spend a lot to repair and for this reason, I let him go without any hassle. Actually, I was on the right track and he has to bear the cost for my damage if the police get involved but I showed pity on him. I was so frustrated with my luck and was not able to go on for some time.


The snake that I had to kill...
The reporting and replacing of ATMs went smoothly. Yet again, a dreadful thing was in store for me. As I walked out from the police station, a snake was waiting for me. It tried to curl on my leg and if I was not able to shake it off on time, I would have landed in the hospital or maybe a goodbye to my life as the snake was a cobra, which is poisonous. I did not understand the reason for the snake to find my leg. It was an advantage that I do not fear snakes. This reason saved me and made me to murder the reptile. I killed it with my slipper but I regret for the same deed. It was anger that led to the killing of the snake.  With this incident, I cursed myself for having continuous misfortunes and I was very cautious after that. I drove back at minimum speed and my eyes and ears were all active.
Sometimes we face such things in life that we do not welcome at all. I pray to the almighty to save me from this situation.  I am staying grounded for some days to keep away more trouble. God, please help me…


  1. are not so good with all this tings happening around your life...but for certain period in our life, such things are normal, i dont know the reason..........may god really help you la...

  2. Yeah, such things happen sometimes. Sad to know all about this, sir. Do take care and keep praying. may god help you and you be free from such misfortunes in future la.

  3. You seem to have had a tough time..thank God there was no mishap with the snake. May God look after you and clear your path.

  4. Thank you everyone for showing your concern. Lots of love...

  5. I once had very bad experience with snakes....I am scared to death when I see a snake..thank god nothing happened!!!