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Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Gift For The Royal Couple

Photo courtesy: Kuensel

 Every Bhutanese, old and young, are all excited for the greatest event of 2011-The Royal Wedding. The date is nearing and I would be living the occasion. Pondering over this question- What will I do? was an experience. I am no artist, I can't paint pictures and I am no writer, I cannot compose. I have but thought of this gift. I developed a group on Facebook called TOB-DEN and also a blog titled the same. The same are gifts from the teachers of Bhutan. Our greatest wish is to see the Royal Couple land on any of the two (Group and Blog), one day. I wish  happiness and well being to the Royal Couple. Happy Wedding.

I have the details on the Facebook group and the blog underlined hereafter...

The group is dedicated to the children of Bhutan and is formed in commemoration of the Royal Wedding

What is in the name TOB-DEN?
T = Teachers
O= Of
B= Bhutan
D= Dedicated or Diligence
E= Enthusiastic or Excellence
N= Noble or Nurturer

The word 'Tobden' holds a very positive meaning in our own language- Dzongkha

AIM: - To connect, share, learn and apply for a better Bhutan

The Logo 
The butter lamps stand for the teachers of Bhutan and the lamps burning shows the light of knowledge and self-discovery. The light will show ones path and lead one to success.

 The Group:
 The group will try to bring together the teachers of the nation. The nurturers will work closely to shape the future of the Bhutanese youth. Teachers will interact with each other on their daily experiences and challenges. The group will act as a platform for teachers to discuss their teaching learning experiences and other relevant themes. Knowledge and expertise will be shared at a great extent.
We welcome healthy discussion in the group, which will benefit individual teachers and ultimately, the children of Bhutan.
The group is not restricted to teachers only, any one, especially students, can join the group.

The group will maintain a blog titled TOBDEN and the same will go online on 13th October, coinciding with the Royal Wedding. It is a token of love, admiration, and well wishes to the Royal Couple. Policy makers, educators, parents, and students will use the blog as a platform to discuss various issues, share helpful ideas, and learn at length. The administrator of the Facebook group will maintain the blog. Initially, interested and concerned persons may attach their posts and mail it to The bog add is:

We request comments and suggestions from group members, visitors and anyone who has a heart to help the children of Bhutan. 


  1. hi sir, you have taken a noble thought to come up with this idea. i really like your initiative. hope it would meet your aims and motto. if i had known before i would have immediately joined the group, but it seems am bid late. however, its not end, i feel like to join your group for various reason as a future educationist. lets cheers for the better learning and living through this interaction...

  2. Thanks Karma. You are not at all late to join the group. It is simple, no forms, no long procedures. Just search for TOB-DEN on facebook and ask to join. About the blog, simply attach any article of any genre to You are a part of us if you do this simple deeds. Hope to see you soon.