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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bhutanese Architecture

The dzongs, temples, lhakangs, chortens, family houses, farm houses maintain a unique feature-Bhutanese. They resemble the true sense of architecture in Bhutan. One will always enjoy the intricate paintings and carvings on a Bhutanese piece. The Bhutanese architecture stands out from the concrete architecture. the beams, rammed walls and roofing are truly elaborate and grand. The dzongs, especially, have fought their way for centuries, fighting the furies of nature. I am no architect to comment on the durability or stability but I feel they look strong and majestic. The towering painted exterior walls are quintessentially  Bhutanese and massive entry doors are great piece of art. Modern concrete buildings look lofty and the infusion of a small Bhutanese in it makes it grandeur. I honestly admire the simplicity and beauty of a piece of Bhutanese architecture.

In this post, I have presented some of the many beautiful poses of the  Bhutanese architecture. Enjoy man-made beauty at its best...

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