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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Life… Now

I envy the flight of these birds

I do not know who I am but I know what I am doing. I live a very monotonous yet a happy life.

For now, I am teaching Modal Auxiliaries in class 10  and I have a great difficulty to make my students get the rules. Students get confused between full/finite verbs and auxiliary verbs. They are trying hard to get the rules and usage correct.

 In class 8, I am doing a short story. I made my students to do a group presentation on the same but my students could not satisfy me. I feel pity as I punished them with imposition. I also made them to prepare presentations on the stories we already completed. I was compelled to do so because this is not the first time that my students are doing a presentation. I have coached them thoroughly on doing class presentations.

These days, I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop. The Royal Wedding is the reason. Students are pouring in felicitations and I have to type them out, send it to different media.
 The archery drift is taking away my evenings. I rush home, change, and go off to shoot some arrows where we usually play on small bets. I have improved a lot in archery, and I am losing less money lately.

At home, we are the same old busy family. My little boy is getting naughtier. He babbles a lot and wiggles a lot. He eats anything his hands get on. He weighs 12 Kg, which is over his normal. My daughter runs around a lot. She has become a computer freak. She always wants to watch Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping beauty, and rhymes. She knows all the characters and sings about 6 rhymes, her favourite rhyme being Twinkle, twinkle. She also tries to speak English. If I put some of her frequent English sentences-  Moshi mosh.. this elephant aaaaaanh/ cow… What is this? /This is (very rarely, she uses is) tiger. /How a you? /I’m fine. /Good night. /See ya. /Miss you./ Love you./oh my god!/too good/ nice one. About my wife, she is as always. But, these days she eats more than I do and she has put on a  lot of weight.

All the way, I love my family. I love my students and I love myself… as of now at least.
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