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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trip to my village

I was welcomed by this beautiful butterfly.
The 18.9 earthquake has damaged many structures in Bhutan ranging from dzongs to family homes. My home at Wachey, Wangduephodrang, was not inspected for damages as there's nobody home.
Being the closest one to home, I made a trip to investigate the family house. The trip was a good break from my everyday teaching life. It has rained the whole night and the air was fresh. The village air was welcoming and the flowers looked great.I could see the paddy fields turning gold.

Getting ready to be harvested

Reaching home, I looked at all sides from outside and there was no cracks visible. The only aftermath was the tilt on the wall which supports the verandah aka euekhe. Then I went from room to room and found no major damage though there were some small hairline cracks on the third floor. And a portrait has fallen down along with a small carton box. I was relieved and satisfied too.  There was no major damage and the family home is safe.
Turning gold
The first crack I noticed

then the second one

The third and the longest one, it runs from the ceiling to the floor.
Another one above the shrine room door

The tilted stone wall

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  1. Good job. I appreciate your effort. I hope that the structural integrity of the house is intact. The yuekhi wall was built about almost 2 decades ago. Looks like it has sustained an inclination.