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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Samtengang MSS Gets Her First Ministerial Visit

Staff from the two school welcome honorable minister
Students wait in anticipation
 A Brief Report...

28th September 2011 is a memorable day for Samtengang Middle Secondary School and Samtengang Primary School, in Wangdue. The day is remarkable by Honorable education minister’s visit. The visit is the first of its kind in the history of the schools. A team led by the minister and consisting of Dzongkhag education officers and other officials visited the school.
The team spent almost 4 hours with students and staff. It was a rich presentation from honorable minister. Lyonpo mainly focused on the program, Educating for GNH, and in particular, Green Schools for Greener Bhutan. Students and teachers were enriched with detailed presentation on the theme. The Green Schools for Greener Bhutan is a great initiative of the education ministry. The program is very easy to understand and its influence would help shape the future of the Bhutanese education system. The program is not merely planting trees or flowers on the campus; it covers all the dimensions of an individual- Spiritual, Mental, Natural, Physical etc. The topics under the program talk of Natural greenery, Intellectual greenery, Cultural greenery, Aesthetic greenery, Academic greenery, Social greenery etc. Honorable minister also talked in detail on the aspects and importance of the program and other relevant areas. His excellency also enhanced students with their purpose and role - usefulness and gracefulness. 
Inauguration  cermony  of  the  school  blog  by   Honorable  minister  
The visit also created a landmark in the history of the school with the inauguration of the school blog by Honorable minister. Lyonpo amplified the occasion with commendations and well wishes. The school now runs an official blog, maybe the first school to do so. I was filled with pride and satisfaction as I was the mastermind behind this but I  congratulate all my fellow colleagues for making the blog a successful one, it was a collective effort. 
His excellency reads out the 'Royal Wedding' message from the blog.

 After the session with students, Lyonpo held a meeting with the teachers. During the meeting, he briefed us on the aforementioned program and shared some secrets of the teaching world. We learnt the reason behind the ‘Noble profession.’ Teaching is a noble profession because teachers build nobility- nobility of action, nobility of heart and we work towards making a place a better one and transform an individual into a better one. In brief, teachers work for a better cause, always. This explanation is a boost to my bogged life as a teacher; it motivated me or at least lifted my heart.  
The other presentation that lighted us was the explanation of the Noble triangle. The noble triangle is very simple and a must for teachers to understand.  The three sides of the triangle stand for: 1. Love for children 2. Love for learning 3. Importance of education. The Noble triangle is the soul of a teacher and we must be inside the triangle to be a good teacher.  Then, His excellency touched upon various dimensions of a teacher. I believed in his words as his words come from a rich experience in the field.

The meeting concluded without any questions from the floor. Lyonpo and his team sponsored the lunch for the day. We wished farewell to the entourage at 3PM.

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