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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fake Quake, 19 September

UPDATE:The September 18 earthquake fear goes on. It was 2.00PM when the fake quake hit Samtengang MSS. All students came out of their classrooms and created havoc in the school. There was no actual earthquake, but a fake one. Students rushed out at once, screaming and making all sorts of sounds. We did not feel the slightest tremor other than the vibration and sound caused by rumbling of the chairs and tables. When things subsided, we came to learn that students were playing their part to a rumor. The rumor was that there would be another earthquake at 2.00PM.
We gathered all students and informed them about the unreality of the rumors. We also re-stated the preventive measures and acts that we should be doing if there happens to be another quake. My message was simple:  Please stop creating rumors; it is not a wise deed at all. Spread messages and awareness instead.

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