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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Thus, we ventured into the wilderness,
of Samtengang and beyond.
Deeper and higher into the colorful woods,
where nature is at her best vocation,
intricate…elaborate and natural.
We enthralled ourselves,
sauntering into the thick mist,
with untainted beauty at all corners.

Even more-we walked and strolled,
enjoying every bit of the freshest air.
Near and yonder,
we were enchanted,
with varied orchids and flowers,
greenest trees and grasses too.

In the lap of nature- we hiked,
within the sweet and diverse calls,
of the tree pies, of partridges,
of pigeons, minivets and others too.
indulged scrupulously and mindfully,
vivacious and flamboyant butterflies,
hovering and enchanting the enterprise.

And with the richest spirit,
reached soenathang-our destined destiny,
The vast meadow,
As beautiful as her vastness,
Spotted and dotted with potentillas,
of wild iris in our keen eyes,
some weak and strong bulls too,
gulped the splendor presented,
as the ardent spectators.

So and satisfied- turned back,
Lower and down back,
delicacy alike along the way,
with the rain pranking,
stopping and pouring-
stopping and pouring,
our umbrellas- up and down,
up and down.
mistletoes painting the summer autumn,
Lichens and ferns adorns the painting,
Making the art artistic,
purest mediums and means,
such rare abundant beauty.

Alas! looked up and marveled,
we conquered the mountain,
liberated -thoroughly and through
the beauty to cherish too,
All were but mind-boggling!

  Samtengang: A beautiful village under Nyisho gewog in Wangduephodrang. It is a 18 Km drive  from Wangdue town. The place is a small table land of great beauty with a moderate weather and a lake in the heart of the village. Samtengang has a Middle Secondary and Primary school in her.
2.         Soenathang: This is the meadow where Pemi Tshewang Tashi, chamberlain to Wangdue dzongpon Angdruk Nim who wrote the greatest ballad of Bhutan-The ballad of Zimpoen Tshewang Tashi,  is greeted by the people of sha with tea and wine ceremony. He leaves for war after being blessed with his last well wishes at this place. The meadow is quite majestic stretch of natural form with thick forest surrounding it.

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