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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paper Mache Project

Samtengang Middle Secondary School

Paper Mache Project

Since papers contribute a huge percentage to waste in school, the Paper Mache Project has taken its form in order to help the school make a cleaner place. Thus, as projected, we have decided to carry on with this interesting project. Through the project, we aspire to collect waste paper and convert the same into beautiful craft. The club would collect waste paper and prepare different face masks using the Paper Mache art. Moreover for the sake of perfecting, we will use the masks to perform a musical show.

Project Details
Start date: 1/08/2012 Musical Show: 18/08/’12
1.      Instill values of waste management in students
2.      learn simple craft.
1.      Waste paper
2.      Scissors
3.      Flour
4.      Water
5.      Water colour
6.      Twine thread
7.      Salt
Cost Estimate:
1.      Water colour: 5 x Nu. 80=Nu. 400
2.      Twine thread: Nu. 50
3.      Flour: Nu. 40 x 5=Nu. 200
4.      Salt: Nu.10 x 2= Nu. 20
The fund will be used from the club fund that has been generated through One Day Raffle

1.      Club period will be used to carry out the project
2.      Coordinators will help students understand the way of the art
3.      Steps will be made available for the members
4.      After the masks get ready, the club will prepare a short musical show which will be exhibited to all the students
How to Paper Mache
ü  Tear waste papers into small strips
ü  Pour a cup of flour into a bucket of water
ü  Put the paper strips into the water
ü  Make the ratio appropriate
ü  Add a couple tablespoons of salt to your paper mache (to prevent molding).
ü  Stir vigorously 
ü  Keep the mixture for 24 hours or until the pulp is ready to be used
ü  Use the pulp to make the shapes
ü  Use at least 5 layers or make the object 1cm thick
ü  All shapes and holes must be made when the pulp is wet
ü  Use balloons or other round materials to create the shape
ü  Dry your model for as long as it gets hard and rigid
ü  Paint according to your design
ü  Your paper mache is ready!

Information: Thus far, we have finished casting/moulding the masks. And the masks are being dried which will be painted later.

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