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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


... a journey back to the days where innocence ruled and happiness prevailed.

This image resurrects my days at the farm... how I had to toil and 
live a farm boy's life. Yet, these experiences were always worth 
remembering. Here I am seen next to my elder brother,  
Tshewang Jurmey and it was shot after a mud play during a 
summer break.
The person who invented 'camera' is among the greatest inventors. Thanks to the camera, we can live and relive  the past. Displacement is an extra human ability and our memories are heightened even more by the images captured during the creation. It is always enticing  to flashback and resurrect the past.
Thus, here, I present some of my wonderful(est) moments from the past. Each image is captioned in order to immortalize the eternal moments.
Class IX D, 2001 with Madam Chettri. The class is just the opposite of contemporary class where girls dominate the population.

Artz Reloaded at Paro NIE ground on one of our usual tours. We lost to the NIE team but we enjoyed the day.

At Phajoding and these were my initial interest to explore the pristine nature. The  love took me to do more treks during my college days and till now.

This image reminds me of all my school day class picnics and school picnics. I had some kind of skill in the kitchen which made me always present at the kitchen while my colleagues lived the picnic. In this photo, I was in charge of preparing a chicken curry and it takes me back to 2002, class XD with Madam Chettri. 

The best football team, in terms of cooperation and team spirit. "Artz Reloaded" was the tag we lived with.  There is nothing special about the team but the team members were extra special. Members swam together and rocked their times. The team was formed in 2003 as a simple class team and the dream went forward for a long couple of years. Games played are always memorable and the players too, with their own skills, flaws and presence.
This image takes us back to 2004 at the Lungtenphu Army ground. 

Dawa Drakpa was a special friend. This particular photo was shot at Dochula, en route to Punakha for a class picnic.

I am seen here, again, on my grandpa's lap (agay gi che che) on the extreme right, in a blue/green gho. Next in line are my brother's Jurmey and Passang Dorji.

At Samtse gobbling up a plate of rice with...... god knows.
Celebrity shot... lol. 

This is Ap Rinzin and Aum Nim Dem's 9 children. I am the third youngest from a family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. The arrangement is in hierarchy... 

The three of us, Jattu, Wangyel and self, along with Thujee were my greatest high school moments. The four Musketeers, as we called ourselves, rocked our days with enjoyment at every corner. 

I don't remember the exact year but it is certainly in Samtse where I lived my childhood.  The side view girl is my sister.............. (guess).

Absent Jattu, the four Musketeers. The most funny thing was that all our fathers were bald.

I rarely participated in cultural shows during my school days. This very moment takes me to YHSS where Jattu and Me  enacted for Men in Black whereas Pema Choezom played Jossie and the pussycats.

Artz Reloaded  posing for a (self) photo shoot.

Jigme Losel Days... Find me with the green pen in hand. 

fresh and ready for school...

The captain I remember the days where I hide my batch whenever I was up to some mischief. 

check that 'lousy' hairstyle...

Enjoying and celebrating a losar. I am the one sitting on the lap of my grandpa, with a bow in hand.

Practicing my oratory skills. 
adventuring in the earthly heaven of phajoding.

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