for it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built. ~UNESCO

Monday, October 8, 2012

Green Peaceful World

 …a musical show with multitude purposes.

“If music be the food of love, play on” Shakespeare’s immortal lines thus stand true. Music is a universal phenomenon- liked, heeded and embraced by all.  So it was… the UNESCO club members of Samtengang MSS decided to pass a go-getting message of Green Peaceful World through the beat of Music. Students started to prepare for a great show: they aimed to create awareness and convey the message of waste management and world harmony by staging a simple, yet optimistic extravaganza.  The hunt for the perfect music left only few stones unturned and finally Michael Jackson’s charm spelled us with the heartwarming Heal the World. The tone, mood and most important- the lyrics, made it the ultimate aid for our purpose.
 We started by collecting waste papers around the school and stacked it up, helping heal the school from the most popular waste in a school. Then, with the art of Paper Mache, we started molding various size and shapes of masks. This was a tedious month long endeavor (making the mask without proper procedures and the drying up was a waiting which was a long wait.) After which the painting of the masks followed.  Then the music blended in. Choreographing was quite a problem as most members (including the coordinator) were debut performers. But Mr. Nima Tshering, a fluent dancer and a teacher, spared his talent and time to help us attain our goals. With Mr. Nima to help us and our high hopes at every side, we practiced and perfected ourselves, which went for a little over a week. Alongside the mask display, we also came up with an inspiration of developing banners which show universal messages. For this too, we collected old carton boxes and cloth pieces and used them as medium of our expression. Even more, quotations on nature, love, happiness, values etc were inscribed on old T-shirts.  Students understood their purpose and knew that this was more than a mere dance… it was a musical performance aimed towards World peace and Green Environment.
The day to present our effort and achieve our goals arrived. We were ready to give a treat to the eyes, ears and hearts of our audience. An ordinary day, something extraordinary prevailed. On 6th October, the courtyard of our school was coloured and decorated by the sweet enchanting MJ’s voice and 36 students dancing with a purpose.  The spectators enjoyed it to the fullest and rewarded us with warm round of applause.  Happy and content!
But we had more in our arsenal of ideas. The message should be loud and clear, we dreamed.  This would be possible with a media involvement in our deed. So, we scratched our brains to get our show to BBS. Our prayers were well heard as Mrs. Namgay Zam of BBS supported us with all her heart. She took the extra step to talk and convince the Children’s unit of BBS to take in our show. But for now, the talk is in the pipeline and we hope for the best to happen.
Heal the World has been an inspiring song for the world and we are using this advantage to convey our ambitious dream of a better earth and GNH. The club believes in working out in our own locality, with the best of effort and intentions. This year, we devoted towards making our society a cleaner place to live. We believe in possibility of everything. And this musical show is one of the many efforts to sensitize and motivate every human being to keep the earth green, happy and peaceful- a better place for you, me, and our future populace.  The club wishes to see a healthy earth with lovely harmonious responsible beings for now and till eternity.  
We would also like to thank Principal, Mr. Tashi Tshering, Mr. Jigme  Samdrup, Mrs. Dema and everyone who were generous and kind hearted for helping us get closer to our infinite end point.

Walk on with hope in your heart, 
and you'll never walk alone.
~ Unknown

…Written on behalf of UNESCO club, SMSS, by Mr. Sonam Norby, UNESCO club coordinator.

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