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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flutter my Flutter-fly...

You are bursting with air,
Your wings- stunning,
Hovering hither and thither,
and yonder,
in search-  sweet nectar.
Your flight- awe-inspiring
Flowers await you,
 to rest on them,
to offer their sweet nectar.

Your spirit is pure,
Filled with innocence.
 indeed pretty,
A spectacle for the eyes,
your every stand.
Your beauty- prominent
The colours-  ostentatious

Yet I pity you,
You live but a beautiful short life,

A life overflowing with colours,
 complete with enchanting scents,
 all that last for a very short period.

I aspire to see you every day,
Your flight! -  refreshing and graceful.
As the dew drops on a morning grass,
Your beauty is incomparable.

You possess the identity,
The true variety of natural loveliness…
Flutter- flutter away with gracefulness,
My pretty butterfly.


  1. nice one..:)....butterflies....butterflies.....showing the world that beauty like other things in life are sure to wither one day..