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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


At times,  when in solitude I muse over the greatest words of Buddha or Gandhi and even Shakespeare. I ask this question: Are these quotations mere phrases or Am I going in line with it or how far is it true and realistic?  Then,  Spirituality begins to take its form in my empty mind…

The world is never devoid of rational species but most intellectuals are always absent of their intellect.  From our own parents to schools, till our very own old age, we are but taught about being wise and leading a virtuous life. But how far are we applying what we have learnt? The numerous quotations we quote and scribes of religion that we learn are always moral. I speculate these wise words but end up being contrary to what it meant. Spirituality is a broad theme which is most interestingly revered and exploited.  Religion is directly associated with spirituality, as far as we perceive. I ponder over this question: Is spirituality religion then?

Spirituality is more than religion.  It is the quality to appreciate the existence of everything, be it an algae or the Eiffel tower. The belief that we have towards all things around us is spirituality, I believe it so. A fresh tuft of grass has its own reasons to be there and you might ignore its existence which may lead to trample it or pluck it out without any second thoughts.  On the other end, if you respect the small beings presence and take it as a part of your environment, then that is spirituality. We belief in thick wallets, bank balances, buildings in our name, posh cars and merely ignore the other end of all this. Ignorance is bliss but is it always so?

Religion is spirituality as we believe in intangible things in religion but spirituality is not, wholly, religion. I feel sad when in the name of religion, healthy lovely trees are felled to raise prayer flags. And I envy people who could afford to put forward plans and forge roads leading to a sacred site. Spirituality is a deep belief in something, not just physicals part of life. Did someone think about the 108 trees before they are destroyed to erect the fluttering flags? How sacred and spiritual will the sacred site be after exploiting its sacredness with trash and other pollutants?

A lama represents spirituality but all lamas are not Buddha. Buddha mastered all and propounded that everything is emptiness. I assume that it was spirituality that led Buddha towards his enlightenment. Buddhism is all about spirituality. This makes it obvious for the red robed bald practitioners to be associated with spirituality.  The irony of red robe spirituality  is now a question. A monk driving a cruiser, a lama holding a glass of beer, or a group of red robes enjoying a bar dance are some from many areas of concerns. Did Buddha wanted to preach this through his spirituality?

As a boy, I grew up in a society where most deeds were sinful and against the laws of nature. We were brought up to respect the elders and care for our younger ones; we were  taught not to kill and not to lie; we learnt about being generous and being polite… we learnt more than what we could take in. Spirituality became a part of our lives but unnoticed and unrecognized, it lived silently within. I believe that every cause has its effect and I know that even a plant has a life of its own. Thus spirituality adorned me and mine. Yet, I am a humble being whose deeds are always more against spirituality and seldom in line with spirituality.

N.B: The ideas presented are purely personal. This essay is not organized at all and I beg pardon from my readers.

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