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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Successful Year of Blogging

I joined the blogging world with multitude thoughts and intentions. I wanted to write my views and carve episodes from my life. The blog is environmentally friendly, there is zero waste. The blog is truly a ‘green’ product.  How’s that for GNH?   As for the title, From a Teacher’s P.O.V was selected, as all the views are based from my personal point of view, through the eyes and mind of a teacher. 
It was a very enjoyable journey of a year as a blogger. The battle of slow “net speed” and my patience fared well. The journey was enticing with great blogs to follow and work on my own to better it. But my true motivation came from my visitors, through their time and comments. 
Thus, I would like to thank my readers and my supporters…  gratitude beyond mere words

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