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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Dad is My Hero!

In 1964 and at the age of 16, rather than reaping the teenage magical moments, he was teaching in the ramshackle classrooms of a newly established Bhutanese school- Samtengang Primary School in Wangdue, teaching students older than himself.  He was referred to as a strict teacher by his students. Teaching became a part of his life for more than two decades. Then he was appointed as the District Education Officer in Samtse from where he resigned to work with UNICEF as a consultant. A strict teacher cum family man was busy bringing up his children- 9 in number. His better half is a humble house wife. The burden of keeping up the large family fell on him and forced him to be a jack of all trades. Nevertheless, he won the losing battle and here he is now at 64 years of age, all healthy and his youngest is pursuing a bachelors in India. He is a proud father of five sons and four daughters. His children now look back and reflect the bygone days where their father kept the fire burning in their hearts. Some days are vague yet few makes the tear drops drop but the thought of his hard efforts always heightens my spirit.

For now, he is an old man coordinating a Dzongkha Learning Center and a consultation house in the busy capital of Bhutan but his family celebrates him as a great father. He heads the large family and plays archery…Mr. Rinzin Dorji dedicates all his might to any form of trade he ventures and this has made him a sincere and hardworking man of honor. His stern character makes him a nightmare to some but the gentle innocent heart is always a blessing he blesses.

Today… 2012 and at the age of 27, I stand as a teacher in the same school where my father has been a teacher and a headmaster. I was also born in the headmaster’s quarter  of this very school in 1985, while my dad was heading the school. I look back and with gratitude, remember my father. I am so as he was so is all that I contemplate. I thank him for everything.
                                                       My dad is my greatest Hero. 

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  1. Good Piece! Glad you are quite arbitrarily in his shoes...