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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Weirdest Waste Management

They either know very less of carbon emission  harmfulness or they are least bothered. The photos clearly shows the darkest (thickest) poisons rising into an environment where human, animals and plants are at galore.

                                                                                   Case Scenario

23rd January 2013, at 10.00 AM BST, a thick smoke enveloped the chuzomsa (Wangdue) to Wangdue LSS road. Black and thick smoke covered the area, even disturbing the visibility. I thought it was coming from a road maintenance site.The cause when seen was from a group of people burning a huge pile of some waste on the Dangchu bank below the army family quarters. Some cars stopped by to see, wonder and resumed their journey. After a while, I heard the most amazingly foolish statement about the fire: A gup (who was on his way to the dzongkhag) inquired   to the dzongkhag administration and the later explained that they were getting rid of some waste from the dzongkhag office. I wondered and felt pity on the decision. Was there no other way to take care of the waste? What happened to the 3 Rs (especially Re-Use and Recycle). This was the weirdest waste management I saw. The darkness of the smoke surely speaks that it is not paper waste but some heavy rubber or plastic waste. Did they ever give the slightest thought of  the clean river sauntering near, the avian live in it, the varied flora and fauna of the vicinity, the residents, the atmosphere and most important- the amount of poisonous gas inhaled by the people doing the deed.

Concerned people should consider such acts as unlawful and improper. And The planners ought to find a better way of waste management. Green talks are useless if the outcome is this...

The decision (whoever is responsible) is very DISGUSTING!!!

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