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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Snake’s Fate or Our Faith?

 Let's save our beautiful reptiles before we have killed all!

The belief that killing a snake is not a sin should be taken out of our minds. Most of the killing  is occurring due to vague beliefs. In Bhutan, certain stereotyped beliefs foster the inhumane deed of killing the poisonous yet important reptiles. Some beliefs like: 1. A snake while coming out of it dwelling prays to meet a man so that it can be killed by the man. 2.Snakes never die and it is a curse for them to live. So killing the snakes will accumulate merit and help the reptile to be reborn. 3. Snakes are of two types; one with blood and one without blood and killing the one without blood is not a sin. These factors escalate the disappearance of snakes.
It is simple common sense...the snake has a soul like any other living beings and the taking of any soul is always a sin. Some compare snakes with danger but we mustn't forget that they all do it in self defense. Take for instance, if some kind of danger comes towards you, will you not defend yourself? And we must also know that animals and human share the common planet. we must learn to live together in harmony. We simply coexist! The reptiles are also an important part of our ecosystem and disturbing the ecosystem is always a threat.
Sometimes, we should accept the law of nature. The snake is designed in its form by nature for various reasons. And also, when a deer is killed by a leopard, we click our tongue in pity but the obvious thing is that the scene is simply the way of nature. So the snake has poison because nature designed her so.

This pity reptile was unlucky to be seen by the inhumane people. The killers forgot their human instincts and exhibited brutal animal behavior. The snake met its end today…maybe due to its fate or our faith!


  1. Sir, what an intriguing article on Conservation. I feel such myths and superstitions should be removed from our mind and educate the illiterate lots for the conservation. Snake indeed plays an important role in balancing the web in ecosystem.