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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rain...Rain...Come Again!

A drop of rain- dropped,
Dropped on my dry palm,
Splashed! It went on my palm,
Crystal drops, so cherishing,
I felt the chilliness, the joy,
Go up through my veins and into…

I looked outside, Drip…drip drip,
I see you, I feel you,
You treat souls, you are there,
You make life revive.

I look- look yonder,
Saw grasses greener than before,
Farther, I saw kids splashing away,
In the puddles you created,
I saw colour, colours of umbrellas,
Colours in the rainbow,
I saw people rushing-looking for shade,

I sight drops- a thousand drops.
I assume, you have power,
Power to revitalize, oh I believe.
You possess the potential,
To rejuvenate the dry parched one
Beautiful flowers welcome you,
Birds bath in your puddles,
Children are happy to play with you,
You are indeed welcome,
We celebrate your crystal drops.
And yet, some frown to see you,   
But I rejoice to have you.

~Inspired by Ruskin Bond

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