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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Bhutanese's view of Bhutan NOW

Bhutan is a heaven on earth and a nature oasis amongst the concrete world. The world knows Bhutan for her holistic development approach- GNH and the rich biodiversity along with her unique culture and traditions.
60 percent of the tiny Himalayan realm is covered in natural forest which plays home to numerous flora and fauna, including some of the world's fewest species. The elusive snow leopard and the elegant ludlow roam the wilderness of the nation. More, the majestic tiger and the gentle giant white bellied heroin find safe haven in a place where environmental conservation is a top prority.
The Bhutanese people are generally straight forward and innocent, too innocent at times. We enjoy an intricate society woven together by the family values, social bondage and rich cultured festivals. Every Bhutanese has the utmost faith in the triple gem and the monarchs. The identity of Bhutanese come from the age-old values, culture, traditions and the religion.
Buddhism has flourished on the soils of the blessed nation and it plays a vital role in the society. Temples and stupas or monks and religious sounds are at galore. The culture of Bhutan has been shaped alongside the flourishing religion.
Bhutan has moved forward from a land locked isolated nation into the fast lane. The country is developing at an ever speeding pace. Mordern features found its place in this country. Education has been the most important agent for Bhutan's development. Yet Bhutan is cautious of its move into the future. ...
The transition of Bhutan from a monarchy to democracy has been the biggest change and challenge for the country. The birth was accepted warmly yet with some consequenses. On the worst side, the blame game, the divides and literacy on healthy democracy are sad and shameful things. The best worst example was when few people politicized the blast tragedy in Haa. This is not the act of a Bhutan that the world admired.
Nevertheless, like the Bhutanese cliche states,
With the grace of the triple gem and the benevolence of our monarchs...then the luck of the people, Bhutan will be Bhutan: a nation who believes in development with values...people with unique culture and traditions. ..a safe haven for the co-existing flora and fauna. ..and a mindful country.

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