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Monday, September 23, 2013


Lets make our society safe for our girls and women!
I write this post as a brother, a parent, a teacher, a neighbor, a friend, a man and a social being! The content may be contemplated in one's own view and consider it a fiction, a hearsay or a true story. I beg my deepest forgiveness from the victim and her society, if considered a true story. But I write this with courage and the highest hopes to pass a wider message.
The 2012 December gang rape of Delhi shook India and the's worst animalistic instincts won over the human values and beliefs. A girl was brutally murdered after being raped to her last breath. 
Can this kind of rapes occur in the so called GNH Bhutan? A question to ponder over. If it happens, the definition or the crime of gang rape is same, be it Thimphu or Delhi. And obviously the culprits should be sentenced to the harshest sentence under the laws of the land.
If you care to read. ...I'm sharing a story of a gang rape in Thimphu, the tinsel town and hub of our small Bhutan. Like I made it clear in the earlier part of the post, the conclusions you draw from the story is purely in your hands.
She is a young and beautiful teenage girl....just a couple of years into her teenage years. A sister and a daughter. ...a social being and a citizen. She goes on a holiday spree to Thimphu and meets her old friends there. Like everyone does, she goes out for a healthy gathering with her friends, never expecting that the worst day of her life is awaiting. A quick acquaintance with some friends of her friend leads to the most traumatic event of her life. She asked for a clean glass of water but the evil inhuman instincts of her friends leads to drugging her in pretext of giving her water.  She loses her senses and she is escorted out of the hotel or hall. She had some senses left with which she shouted and screamed for help but the men warned her that they would kill her if she does it again. Then the 4 or 5 men take her for the worst ride of her life to the outskirts of the city. The night and her unconscious state acted as an advantage for the men as they took turns to brutally rape her. Lucky was the innocent girl that the rapists didnt kill her, like in Delhi.  She was taken to some place and dumped in a car....left there with pain and shame...left to die otherwise if stated. The car owner finds her in the car in the morning and reports to the police....
I cannot continue the story hereinafter... maybe I lost my imagination or I didn't hear the story after this or I am out of words....I'm so sorry for the innocent girl and all I can do is pray for her quick recovery...especially her mental healing.
So folks, what do you think?  Is this possible in our shangrila tagged nation? What should be done with the culprits? How many such cases are reported and justice served or more importantly and saddening, how many goes unknown and not reported?  can we help the victim? And how can we help our Bhutanese girls or girls around the globe so that the next victim only remains in the fictional stories or in movies?
A tip of iceberg kind of advice to my daughters,sisters, mothers, aunts, and the women around the world:
1. Be careful with strangers
2. Don't believe easily or trust strangers
3. Don't venture out alone or with strangers, especially at night
4. Take lifts only when you have few friends with you
5. Avoid discos if you are too young or if you are not with a trusted friend
6. Sleeping pills and other drugs are usually used to do such be extra careful
7. Be in the crowd and with your friends not seek out or be in corners or dark alleys
8. Be mindful and use your life skills
9. Control your lust (sorry for the rudeness or the connotations)
10. The world is not always need to save yourself from the unsafe
The stories of rapes is on an ever increasing rate (even in our tiny Bhutan) and it is always very disturbing to listen or read such stories. Being a man, I'm equally guilty for the crime committed by my brothers as we share a common brotherhood and a global place.
All you and I can do is PRAY and HOPE! Nevertheless, the society should be a safer place and we alone can make it safe, all but with a collective effort!
If you are with me and care for the women exploited around the globe. ...please share this before someone writes another story or a young girl's life is shattered!

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