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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Teacher shares

If teachers had no work, then we need to re-view the definition of work. 

We are here for them. They are innocent... and they are not to be blamed.
Teaching is a noble profession. I do not really understand the reason behind this declaration.  The noble thing has put us in the list of the most worked out profession, if I am correct. Teachers are like any other civil servants who work but the only difference is that we work with minds, minds which are very sensitive and fragile. 
Moreover, we always need to be the ‘role models’ and this is the most tricky thing I find to adjust. Thousands of eyes always view us. Everyone observes our every step. The ‘Model’ state of affairs too, is a very difficult task to play for a normal human being with his own character. Mind you, I was not born a teacher nor was I brought up as a teacher. Teaching only came to my life in the early twenties of my life. I grew up as a different individual with my own way of life until I took up the profession. I had my own style of doing my hair, the way I speak or the dress I find comfortable.

Now as a teacher, I have to keep my hair in such a way that it is a model hairstyle. The way I dress as well as the way I speak should be of the finest mode. If I am not able to keep this up, I am not being a full teacher. The physical tunings are quite easy to amend though I fret over whenever I hear the clipper, buzzing on my hair.  The whole mania that is difficult is that we need to lead a ‘model’ life. We should act soft and wise even when we are not anywhere near these things. Family life is also a difficult thing to adjust for a teacher. I am talking about the sacrifices we have to make in order to be a model. I love to eat doma but as a model teacher, I have to sacrifice this desire.  Not all things I do to be a model are coming from my heart; it is not at all genuine. I hide my tattoo to be a model, I do not use gel on my hair to be a model, I always speak wisely, or politely to be a model, I change my hobbies to be a model and I do anything but to be a model. Although these things make us a better human, after all, we are human beings and each individual is different from the other. I love to teach my students from my heart but I do not like to be viewed as a model.
I do not want to state my example, I can see and hear multitude of incidences related to others viewing the teacher as a model. For instance, nobody minds another civil servant involved in some off- hour business but the front pages of the Bhutanese papers will show it all if a teacher has done a similar art. A teacher always lives a public life.  
The authorities restrict teachers’ movement during school hours. I dislike this rule from the core of my heart. I have some simple reasons to support this stance. Teachers are also social animals with various needs and obligation. I believe that teachers also have a circle of people around them. We need to keep the connection alive and attend important gatherings. I particularly mean attending funeral rites of a close one. I know that we get bereavement leave but it only applies to direct family members. Is it that we ignore when a cousin or friend is in problem? Bhutanese boast of an intricate society but if teachers are restricted like now, teachers are outside the circle of this beautiful intricacy.
Further, the concerned authority will immediately reprimand or inform us when they see us in town during a working day. We go to town under various reasons. The reasons include loan processing, attending gatherings, visiting hospitals, or some important personal work. I think we are also beings who desire to get something like a car and we need loans to buy it. We have to pay our bills; we also need to cater to some important personal obligations, which is not possible to be postponed. We all know that banks and other offices work at the same time as we do. It takes simple logic to understand this situation. As long as the concerned teacher makes up the lost time, I do not see any problem.
It is simply funny to see civil servants participating in different sports or games tournaments. The most visible thing is archery. Teachers are not allowed to take casual leave and participate, and I support this rule, Thumbs up! However, I think other civil servants also have work to do like us. Is it that we get SL (sport leave) in other organizations? I do not understand the difference here and I hope there is none.
Teachers are always under the microscopic view of people around and afar. I compare the situation to paparazzi following glamorous people. Even personal affairs like marriage are viewed, but critically. The sad thing is that they do not see the emotional stress that a teacher goes through. Nobody cares about the good things that a teacher does, they are always trying to find a fault.
Teachers actually play an important role in the society. I am a teacher and I go on with blind eyes and deaf ears. I will play my part as a teacher and live it full. I will carry on taking the torch and lighting the darkness. Nevertheless, I think we have to revisit the current situation. If these situations go on, there is a chance where the noble profession can become a frustrating profession… 


  1. Agreed! The profession is full of restrictions and limitations. We can't help to stop what has been going through for all these ages. I know, I am going to experience the same life after 2 years or so. life is going to be hard and I will have fabricate my habits sooner or later.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. You have expressed it so well. Keep up the good work of writing. After reading your article I didn't regret resigning as a teacher..

    I am not sure if you are a member of Bhutan Teacher's Forum. Please join the group and share your article..