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Friday, June 1, 2012


Wangduephodrang: Bhutan

Half Yearly Report

Samtengang Middle Secondary School has been an active member of ASP net and UNESCO for a couple of years where many activities were organized in line with UNESCO themes. Thus far we trained more than 150 students under our club. This year we have 31 students in the club under two teacher coordinators and the club has focused on Waste management along with some other activities which are related to world concerns and educational in nature, for the current year. Our theme for 2012- We are here to make a difference through our own small deeds.


We are glad to present the programs initiated so far by the club along with the working details of the club through this report.

Organizational Details

v  Name: UNESCO club

v  Patron: Principal

v  Members: 31 students (16 boys and 15 girls)

v  Coordinators: Mr. Sonam Norbu and Mrs. Dema (teachers)

v  Working conditions: The club runs an hour long session on Wednesdays, every week, from 3:00PM to 4:00 PM where we usually engage ourselves in information dissemination, thought sharing, planning and discussions. The club organizes and implements supplementary activities on other relevant days.

v  Budget: The club does not receive any budgetary benefits from the school. Therefore, we organize fund raising activities by club members. The amount accumulated is used to finance the purchase of materials required to run the club’s initiatives.

PROGRAMS INITIATED THUS FAR (February 2012 to June 2012)

1.      Club Logo
As an identity of our club, we designed a logo which is purely for Samtengang UNESCO club. We combined the UNESCO logo, ASP net logo and the school logo along with a flying bird which is green and blue in color. The bird represents our club and it is in flight to represent our efforts towards achieving the universal goals. The colors green and blue represent the earth.

2.      World Water Day - Message through art on the theme Water Scarcity

22nd March 2012, The club organized an art competition amongst member to recognize the day under the theme water scarcity. The art works were displayed around the school to convey the messages in the art. A member from the club also delivered a speech during the morning assembly on the same theme

3.      Movie show- Substance abuse

On 30th March 2012, all members of the club gathered in the ICT room to watch a documentary on Substance abuse titled SUEE- The Needle which shocked the members with devilish scenes reflecting live affects of drugs. The motive was to pass the message of substance abuse and its harm. Students enjoyed as well as promised to carry on the message to their community

4.      World Health Day- Message/Exhibition/Cleaning campaign

7th April was another day where we got ourselves busy and going. The initiative started with a member reading Health minister’s message for the day and went on to a mini exhibition which members prepared. The exhibition was held in the Physics lab and was graced by the Principal and staff along with the students. In the evening we also organized a mass cleaning in collaboration with the school administration where the whole school engaged themselves with cleaning of the school premises as well as the nearby community.
5.      Litter Free School- Member

The UNESCO club also joined hands with the nature club to work towards the scheme of litter free school and has so far carried out minor cleaning works which include digging of a waste pit and cleaning the area near the shops.

6.      No Plastic Day- Every Friday

As the principal’s directives, we also observe No Plastic Day on Fridays for the whole school. For this to have a greater practicality, the coordinator presented a ppt slideshow on Plastic usage and the impacts. The ban is working great so far.

7.      Construction of  Drain for the lake

Along with the school administration, we worked hard to construct a drain leading to the lake from the community’s irrigational channel in order to feed water to the lake. For information, the lake nearby the school is drying up at a fast rate and is under the attack of weeds and it is without a feeding water source for a long time.

8.      Debate- Educational

As a part of literary activity, we organized a debate in English amongst the houses on 5th May 2012 under the topic- Parents play a greater role in educating their child. Four houses with 8 participants participated in the hour long program.

9.      One Day Raffle and Fast Food Stall

With due permission from the school administration, we organized two fund raising programs during the school sports day and Dzongkhag Sports Meet. During the school sports day, we worked on a fast food stall and generated a net profit of Nu. 2500 and the same was used to purchase materials for the upcoming exhibition in June. On the Dzongkhag sports meet, the club ran a One Day Raffle and made a net profit of Nu. 5000 and the same is saved to be used during the publication of UNESCO magazine latter in the autumn semester.
10.  Exhibition- Waste: an Ugly Truth

Since 6th May 2012, members started to work on the exhibition titled- Waste: an Ugly Truth which will go live on 5th June, 2012 coinciding with the World Environment Day. The exhibition will be large covering most parts of waste which start with basic definitions, messages, followed by types, waste management, the 3Rs, Models made from waste. Much of the exhibition will demonstrate the ways of Reusing waste materials which are found around students and in the school. So far, students have completed the articles and are working on the models. As an extra point, we made it compulsory for members to use waste materials as far as possible during the process, be it in writing or building the model. The waste pet bottles from soft drinks reduced drastically since the commencement of the work on this exhibition.To be practical, members were divided in groups of three and the groups are motivated through the promise of awarding of prizes for exceptional presentations. If all goes great, we are planning to call upon media.

11.  UNESCO  Magazine- Dedicated to the Sherig Century

The club is also working on publication of a UNESCO magazine in September which is dedicated to the nationwide celebration of 100 years of modern education in Bhutan. The club discussed and agreed to title the magazine- The Lamp did give light, ~a tiny realm celebrates 100 years of Modern Education: A Samtengang UNESCO Club Initiative.  Articles are coming in and the budget is ready. We also agreed to include guest articles from staff.


1.      Paper Mache- Creating beautiful crafts from waste paper

In connection to the waste importance that we focused, we are going to train members and other students the of Paper Mache where we use waste paper to create beautiful crafts. The same has been planned as paper contributes a huge amount to waste in schools and through this we are expecting to reduce paper waste in the school. Members will compete in building models through this art where they will each come up with a model of endangered animals or birds in the world.

2.      Mass Cleaning- In and Around the school

We also planned another mass cleaning in the second term where the school will clean the areas in and around the school.

3.      International Day of Peace, 21st September

UNESCO club is going to observe the day through meditation activities and presentation on world peace followed by discussion on the same.

4.      Field Trip- Natural calmness and Beauty

In the fall semester and after the rains, we are planning for a field trip where members will enjoy the natural beauty and learn to appreciate rather than causing harm. They will clean the area on the trail. As a follow up members will spread messages on protection of the environment.

5.      Sensitization on Adolescence

As many adolescents are least informed on their problems, we are planning to lift the curtain and go forward through sensitization on relevant problems which may include sexual education, relationships, Unemployment, Study Methods and other areas of concern.

Other programs will be initiated as and when required.


Report prepared by Mr. Sonam Norbu for UNESCO CLUB on 30th June, 2012

Sonam Norbu                                                                Dema
Coordinator                                                               Co coordinator

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