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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waste-an UGLY Truth

-A report on an exhibition by SMSS UNESCO club
5th June 2012, while the world celebrated World Environment Day, in the beautiful school of Samtengang, the room adjacent to the Vice Principal’s office turned out busier than it used to be on usual days. The typical stern and peaceful atmosphere gave way to vibrant, joyful and curious sounds of students walking, talking, reading and laughing. As they entered the room, their eyes were given a treat of items which were made from waste objects and the walls were covered with messages and writings on waste management. They came to witness the exhibition on Waste, which was organized by the UNESCO club of the school. The club opened the exhibition in line with a global celebration of World Environment Day, and the honor of inauguration was done by the Principal of the school.

 Not so long back in the year, the SMSS UNESCO club decided to focus most of the club’s activities on waste management. Thus, the idea of the exhibition titled- Waste-an UGLY Truth was born   into the club’s action plan. It took a tedious month long endeavor to put up the exhibition, where students worked extra hours to collect waste materials around the school and designed various items from the same waste articles. The main aim of the exhibition was to create awareness on waste. The club communicated their aim through three main mediums- demonstration of models made by reusing waste materials found in and around the schooldisplaying of articles on waste management and expressions on waste management through messages/slogans.  To make it even larger, the club decided that they should use as much waste items as they can while making their models, writings and messages.

The items on display varied from things as small as a paper flower to as large as a paper recycling plant’s model. A large amount of waste found in the school was frooti packs and litchi drink bottles. These wastes were put to their maximum test in the exhibition- a group made a bridge model out of it and another transformed a number of litchi drink bottles into a beautiful dustbin.  Pet bottles also contributed a lot to the waste strength and they too received great utility. As a school, waste papers dominated all corners yet the UNESCO club members fought a losing battle with the waste papers. Waste papers were the easiest materials to  reuse. They were used to write messages and articles. The papers were used in most of the models on the show. Even more, a group used old socks to make a cute little teddy bear model. Another group used old magazines to weave decorative mats and pen holders. Members used old sacks as mediums to scribble messages so did the old unwanted carton boxes got themselves functional. Old tin cans got colorful with flowers planted inside. Unwanted plastics were reused to make attractive bags. Gift boxes were born out of small waste carton boxes and the list goes endless…

Writings covered the basics of waste and waste management along with practical details of the 3Rs.

The exhibition was warmly appreciated by the staff and students of the school. Spectators enjoyed going through the items on display and reading the messages displayed around the room. The club was able to fulfill their dream of creating awareness on waste. The exhibition is planned to be on-the-go for a week.


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