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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fulfilling an Unfulfilled Project- College Magazine PART I

Whenever I make a rummage around my bookshelf, I sight a roughly bound book, titled ‘Annual Magazine’ DRAFT. As the Literary coordinator in college, I initiated to publish a college magazine. This was back in 2009. We sacrificed a lot of our time to work on this project. Many helped us to make it happen. Yet, due to some reason that I did not understand, the magazine was not published.
Not all things that we plan work out practically. I was not satisfied with myself. I was unhappy for the articles contributed, the art works, the photos, and everything that was in the magazine. How would you react if you were in my place? What would you do?
 Back then, I had no answers for these questions. Today, thanks to blogging, I am publishing this magazine online. I did not seek permission from the college and  authors of the articles, art, photos and I beg your forgiveness for the same.  

Since the magazine is quite bulky, I am publishing it in parts.


The Cover
Sir Karma Wangchuk was so kind to bless the cover with this beautiful picture.
A Student to His Teacher

“Try to be human not just a teaching machine.
Do not teach only a subject, but rather teach as students.
Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being not just a number in your note book
Do not judge me only by the marks I get in my tests, but rather by the effort I make.
Do not expect me to think of school and studies as the greatest pleasure in life.
They are not at least for me.
Do not expect me to like more of the subject, which you teach
Other subjects may be interesting too, and perhaps even more so, at least for me.
Help me to learn to think and to judge for myself, not just memorise readymade answers.
Help me rather to find the answers myself, though this may be more painful for both of us.
Listen to the questions I may seriously ask, however foolish they may sound to you
If you can listen, I might learn to listen, too
Be strict enough with me, provided you are just. I know that I need it, though outwardly I may rebel against it.
Do not ridicule me, especially not before my class mates. It hurts, and it will turn me against you
An earnest but kind word in private will be more effective.
Do not pity me, especially not in front of others, if I do not succeed so well.
Pity can be so embarrassing.
Do not point out another student in class as an example to me
I might hate him-and you-for it.
And if I should happen to do well, don’t point me out as an example to others.
It would embarrass me very much. But an occasional deserved word of acknowledgement is most welcome.
Keep your personal problems-and political ideas-to yourself.
I cannot solve or judge them anyhow.
Remember that once upon a time you were a student yourself.
Did you always get the best marks?
And did you never forget a thing?
Please, keep studying yourself; and do not mechanically use in class the same yellowed notes which you wrote some twenty years ago.
Do not expect a word of thanks ever so often.
I am grateful, but I find it difficult to express my gratitude in words.
And so… Thank you ever so much!”

This poem was supposed to be printed on the back page.

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