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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fulfilling an Unfulfilled Project- College Magazine PART VIII

Most vicious of all

Hair not so long
Rounded forehead
Eye rose so high, whence
Neck found always straight to
Loose object that come along.

Little lower he measured from
Common people-but indeed
Is wholly of egocentric else;
Idiosyncrasy has its way upon him.

Neither is he eloquent nor can
He be a sway, but of a cramped
Elegance would he be perceived
By an audience around.

Renegade is he by birth and
Repentance has no sway upon him.
Is he a permafrost whence nothing
Can mend his behaviour.

Belie by nature, beguile does he,
Behest has no affect,
For he deludes colleges,
Is indeed incompatible else where.

Authority do I wish
To mend him upon,
Else with a poison of tiny,
Mass being spoiled.
Left no choice than to chant
“create not a man with a heart of beast”

Norbu Gyeltshen
Bio & HPE, III

A Light of your life

If you are stressed, you will get pimples,
If you cry, you will get wrinkles, so…
Why don’t you smile and get dimples

A smile is only a way
To make life happy and gay.
It’s constant for everyone
It enriches you and others by day.
A smile holds the mysteries of life

It dwells in your heart with the least effort.
But a very good exercise of your face.
A smile is way of expressing love.
A way of relaxing with internal joy.
A smile is free gift of god or nature.
Above all it builds a charming personality.
A smile is within us.
It does not cost anything,
But buys a lot.
It’s free to the beggars and to the kings.

That swings us through hope.
Always believe that;
Today is better than yesterday and
Tomorrow will be much better than today.
So before light goes away from our life,
Why don’t we smile and make everyone
Find that smile in life, so worthwhile and so rich.
Namgay Dema(3IDzo.Pry)

Whispered Love!
Forget his name with so sweet face.
Forget his kiss with his warm embrace.
I was such a gullible thing to be lured so easily.
I thought he loved me, he told me he cared.
No one could ever trust him and give him a chance but innocent me, I let him take my hand.
He made my slow and calm pacing heart dance.
My heart pulsated with so much love and I didn’t know that all would go wrong.
My dreams were all shattered.
How could someone do this to me?
I didn’t know where I was, not knowing what to do. I thought I had found my salvation in you.
You were my way out, a place without pain but what did I gain?
Too much time between and your change of heart pushed me away and ripped us apart.
I tried to stop my tears from falling but the sadness was too strong and I couldn’t help it.
I know that no one will care, nor will they see my tears.
They will only walk over them, like people have done all my life.
You took me on a magic carpet, rode high above the universe and whispered words of love, so sweetly into my little ears as you hold me tight.
You promised me a world of happiness filled with passion and endless love, a place where I can find serenity, new found strength and inspiration.
You gave me the encouragement that I need to spread my wings and fly away.
I smiled and my heart overjoyed as I fell deeper in love with you.
Then in that same second I felt you pushing me away from you.
I slipped and fell off your icy sheet and found my heart broken beyond repair.
I went dumb watching all my dreams floating on clouds of sorrow and despair.
My tears fell hard against the ground as I closed my eyes and said a prayer hoping for an angel to rescue me.
I watched your evil smile disappear into the clouds leaving me lost as I crashed and burnt in the pages of your cruel heart and broken promises.
I no longer knew what I was.
I have disappeared without a trace.
All I know now is my name and my face and now I look back and wonder what happened to my life.

Sonam Lhamo
3 EH-09

Friendship that turned to love

You and I were friends.
We promised never to end our friendship.
Together we soared for our dreams, then conquered and won over our greatest fears. Through all these years, our friendship never broke the tie and never surrendered to all the uncertainties and difficulties.

A friendship that never stops journeying; one that covers more behind the curtains of life's challenge.
A friendship which does not call for a break.
A friendship that does not hide its shade.
A friendship that bear fruit of godliness.
One that accepts failures and learns to stand-to correct the mistakes and seeing more opportunities in the panorama of life.
A friendship that does not measure how far it travelled.
A friendship that cruises and conquers the ocean of obstacles as different ways of malaise and malediction.
A friendship that never sinks but always swims to reach its success.
You know when it happens; you know when it’s right.
Your breath stops in an instant and your heart takes flight.
There is no description, to tell how you feel.
The only thing that you can think of is the fact that is real.
It makes you feel like nothing else.
You no longer think of only yourself.
It’s the one thing in life you have been waiting for.
With the warmest touch, you yearn for more
It’s something so special! Something so grand.
Something that gives, without the demand.
You wish upon the stars at night.
For the feeling you have to reach great heights.
When you give and receive this special gift,
You will get down on your knees,
Thanking the heaven above, for you have discovered this thing called love.

Pema Dolma.
      1st year Dzongkha primary.

Be my forever lady

Hey! You beautiful damsel
Do let your life gallop astray
Come and live with me
And be my forever lady

And we will prove the world
That the love we bestow
Upon each other is unique
And more precious that diamonds

In the woods we will walk
Holding each other’s hands
And listen to the birds sing
And trees whisper, streams gurgle

There will I show you
Blooming orchids and thrusting ferns
Creeping ivies and clustering cherries too
Raspberries and strawberries for you

For your freshness and delight
Each morning to promise the day
Will you sight dewdrops fresh
And hear the soft murmur of doves

Beneath the magnificent tree
By the river side
With sparkling waterfall in distant view

Will we sit and count our dreams

When birds retreat in their nest
And when stars do twinkle
Will we stand with silent delight
And watch full moon glow

In the cosy kitchen, near the fireplace
We will savour steaming suja
And spend the time, the precious time
Asking, answering and listening

Hey! You beautiful damsel
Do not let your life gallop astray
Come and live with me
And be my forever lady                                           

Damcho Thinley (EPB III YR) 


Aback by the pristine nature
Nature of one’s inner sentiment
Base and strength of the sea
To dig out and seafarer sailor to be
Burning within self, dim glow in the courtyard

Ah! Strange, the unseen lass
Alone deep in camellias through she pass
The calyx opened to the unknown beauty
Why beauty with no meaning?
Will it fade unseen to its extremity?

Thou art beautiful in thy way
It’s eternal when in fraying attire
Did it give breath to beauty?
And season of late spring
To ascend in beauty the early winter

Winter isn’t beautiful with no whiteness
Whiteness on the peaks dazzling bright
Spring in the unopened buds
Summer seems when the heavens opened
Where is autumn with its beauty?

Beauty isn’t grabbed; beauty isn’t beauty with no charms
Was there for beauty by nature
Why gallop to the fullest, old grandfather clock
Before the world shown to unknown beauty
Inner beauty one and outer beauty two

I am troubled and present in thy beauty
Drowsed in several beauties and reasons
For all and great seasons
It’s time for me to bid adieu
But far away and always by you

To live life in this world of love
This world of hatred and mystery
Bards to scribble and die in illusion
The freed world, ‘come on’ write
Convince of immortality and fraternity

Could she dance with the dancing leaves?
Whisper her secrets to the whispering leaves?
And strand of her glossy hair to dance
With that rhythmic nightingale’s chant the hidden view in blur vision

She could cross the stream, not river
Hold the hands tight but not mine
Feel the warmth but not love
May have inspiration not the affection
Why these vary within humans?

What is beauty of beauty?
Snow comes, snow goes
But life lives
The late sum on  its red horizon
Whiteness on the peaks

The charms of the immortal beauty
Can I ever afford to forget?
Angelic smile across her blushing cheeks
Can I ever live to look and ignore?
Is this beauty by birth or birth in beauty?

A long way to go and lot to know
It’s all that beauty and one’s own duty
Happiness knows no bound though earth is small and round
It’s all that beauty of great heroic deeds
Beauty that never fades, that never fades

Gyen Bahadur Darjee
4 1 PCB

Sick Lily

O! Lily!
Thou art sick.
For those wily people,
Left thee unattended.

O! lovely lily!
I weep to see those,
Creepy crawly,
Along your green leaves.
Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!
Here they go.
Chomping all your leaves,
 And leaving you bare.

O! Lily!
Once you were,
A beautiful,
Lovely flower.
Thou had a smell,
As sweet as honey,
Yellow bees came, buzzing at you,
Giving you sweet nectar.
Thou were a healthy flower.

Beautiful butterflies,
Came and sang,
To thee.
Little lady bug,
Always sleeps,
On your leaves,
She loved you.
O! Lily!
Thou art sick,
No creatures want thee,
When you are in such,
 Condition .
No buzzing yellow bees,
No singing butterflies,
No lady bug sleeping,
All have left you weeping.

Sangay Choden

A Dirge of life

I have been 24 years on this earth.
Of misery there’s been no death
From childhood I have not been
As others were, I have not seen
What others saw, I could not bring
My passions from a common spring
From the same source I have taken
My sorrow, I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone
All I do, I do alone. There is a down
From most stormy lines drawn,
From every depth of good and ill
The misery, which binds me still.
From the torrent or the fountain
From the perilous cliffs of mountain,
From the sun that round me rolled
In its autumn tint of gold.
From the lightning in the sky,
All more me to cry.
From the thunder and the storm ,
The cloud took the form,
It’s a hell in my view
As sorrow breeds success in few.

Karma Phuntsho (I EPB)

“Ode to My Teacher”
Oh! Teacher, you are my lord
For your wisdom and every word uttered
Crafted a refined character in me and in fellow humans
You are the architect of all human genius
Your wisdom transcends eternity, my teacher.

My teacher, it was you who taught
And showed me the real purpose of humanity
You’re the dispeller of ignorance
And truly the bearer of the immortal torch light
Like a hero, you taught and inspired us all.

My teacher, you warned the world of
Ordinariness, complacency and decadence
The three great evils embedded in human nature
Your words changed my downtrodden mindset
Into flames of spontaneous optimism
The divinities above praised
For blessing the earth with such a master.
My teacher, you epitomized the traits of selflessness
Its sheer disheartenment when some antagonist
Indoctrinate your noble ways of life
You’re the embodiment of the Lord of wisdom
A messiah, a bodhisattva and an agent of Lord.

Your lessons on subjects of literature
Drama, poetry, novel and more
Inspired the pupils to climb the ladder of accomplishment
You embody the perfect nature of mankind
It rimes when you are so novel and impeccable
Anthems and lyrical praises be there for you,
Dear teacher.
My teacher, you had entered the elite list of my life
You’re canonized, you surpass martyrdom
Even Julius Caesar will prostrate before you
For you’re a conqueror
Who won trillion battles against mediocrity
And against the three great evils.

Fate may drown me in Lethe
Or the great flood may sweep all the civilization
But my faith and devotion in you will remain unshaken
Adieu! To my teachers
With my heart filled with timeless gratitude.
Kinga (III EH)

What makes Paro valley so beautiful and tranquil

What makes Paro valley
So beautiful and tranquil
The cooing of peaceful doves
The distant view of
Snow- crowned mountains
The fragrance of fresh rhododendron
Opening its dew laden petals
So silencely, so beautifully
The great promise of a glorious day

Cascading water over inspiring rocks
Gurgle of brooks from mountains high
And meander of a river through the valley
Where farmers live lively life.
The twitter of birds, buzz of bees,
Flutter of butterflies, creeping ivies too!
In the breathtaking woods
Makes the day of Paro valley
So beautiful and tranquil

The whistle of aroma-filled breeze
The dance of trees and swaying flowers
The crimson sight of evening sunset
And the silent roll of silver clouds
Makes the evening of Paro valley
So beautiful and tranquil

The song of cricket in the shady rock
The glow of moon, the roll of clouds
The flight of bats and moths
The distant bark of a deer
Makes the night of Paro valley
So beautiful and tranquil

The chant of mantras and prayers.
Flap of prayer flags and turn of prayers wheels
Inspiring ‘chortens’ and imposing ‘Dzong’
Temples and secret monasteries too!
Red rice and  ‘emadatshi’ ‘ara’and ‘suja’ too!
Archery and khuru, zhungdra and boedra
Schools galore and hospital too
Ocean of paddy and apples too!
Makes the people in Paro valley
Live with beauty and tranquility

Hopeful sowing in heavenly spring
Hard tending of fruits in summer
Clustering fruits in optimistic autumn
By celebrating summer’s hard work
Without forgetting springs sowing
Makes the wheel of time in Paro valley
Turn with beauty and tranquility without an end.
Just like the wheel of life and death.
Now you tell me what makes
Paro valley beckon with beauty and tranquility
In the midst of change kissing our feed?
Kinga penjor

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