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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fulfilling an Unfulfilled Project- College Magazine PART II


 I am very happy to note that the Literary Committee of the college is bringing out the first  Annual Magazine. I know the committee would have taken immense pains in collecting, editing and tidying up the articles contributed by the student teachers.
The ideas expressed in this magazine give insight into various literary genres. I am sure the readers will enjoy reading this magazine and will bring further development in the field of education in our country

Tashi Delek

Thubten Gyatsho

From the coordinator

In the literary life of this college, this magazine stands as a tangible dream transpired collectively from the hearts of future teachers. The dreams and the aspirations of the student teachers are expressed and shaped in some possible literary genres like poems, short stories, essays, letters, compilations, art works etc. Every article is special and true in its own ways, because the wonder and beauty of every student teachers pen would go a long way in engineering and nurturing the noble dreams of Bhutanese children. Consequently the dream each and every children peruses becomes the dream of the nation. Indeed the inspiration of this mosaic of dreams would create ripples in the culture of reading and writing, especially when technology is taking the ownership of human life in today’s world.

Thus, in an attempt to compile the ideas of student teachers, the college literary committee has had the experience of the success brought up through hard work, sacrifices and perseverance.

With assignments to meet deadline, presentations to research and co-curricular activities to participate, student teachers have had hard time to make their dreams alive in black and white.
With this I would like to thank the Director for his support, the editorial team for their time and help, and all who have helped us in your own ways, indeed the student teachers for contributing in their own ways.

Lastly the success and jubilation of this magazine would consolidate in turning the wheel of the college’s literary life endlessly and the drawbacks would help grease the smoothness in future. Doors are always open for comments.

Happy Reading

Sonam Norbu

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